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BerqWP – Automated All-In-One PageSpeed Optimization Plugin for Core Web Vitals, Cache, CDN, Images, CSS, and JavaScript

BerqWP – Automated All-In-One PageSpeed Optimization Plugin for Core Web Vitals, Cache, CDN, Images, CSS, and JavaScript


BerqWP is a 100% automatic All-In-One speed optimization plugin that ensures your website passes the core web vitals assessment and boosts your website speed score to 90+ for mobile and desktop devices.

BerqWP automatically applies all modern speed optimization techniques recommended by Google, so your customers and visitors can have the best hassle-free experience.

Why do people love BerqWP?

  • BerqWP automatically applies Google (web.dev) recommended optimizations to your website.
  • 100% automatic (no configuration needed)
  • 100% SEO friendly
  • Passes Core Web Vitals assessment
  • 90+ speed score for mobile & desktop
  • Comes with BerqWP CDN integrated
  • Monitor Core Web Vitals in real-time with BerqWP’s Web Vitals Analytics
  • Works with your favorite themes and plugins
  • Doesn’t break your website
  • Build for non-techies

🔥 Features:

  • Zero Configuration: BerqWP comes with optimal settings that work perfectly for 99% of users. It requires no configurations.

  • Automatic Cache Warmup: Keep your cache always primed. Automatically generate new cache to ensure every user experiences fast loading times.

  • Cache Invalidation: When you make a change on your website, BerqWP automatically detects the change and recreates the cache for that page.

  • Speculative API: BerqWP makes returning visitors’ experience instantly fast by using the browser’s Speculative API, loading the webpage literally within milliseconds.

  • Image Optimization: Convert images to the efficient WebP format. WebP conversion can reduce image file sizes by up to 85%.

  • Sandbox Optimization: Activate sandbox mode to test BerqWP optimizations without impacting actual website visitors.

  • Lazy Load Images: Lazy Loading for Images: Load images only when they’re in the viewport, allowing other assets to download faster.

  • Lazy Load YouTube Videos: Load YouTube videos only when a user scrolls to them.

  • Critical CSS: BerqWP generates critical CSS for each page individually, ensuring a faster web experience by loading inline critical CSS.

  • CSS Optimization: BerqWP prioritizes CSS files without modifying them, preventing the website from breaking.

  • Fonts Optimization: BerqWP prioritizes your website’s fonts, freeing up bandwidth to download other important assets on a slow network connection.

  • BerqWP CDN: Deliver static files such as images, CSS, JavaScript, and web fonts at lightning speed from our 300 global points of presence (PoPs) for all websites.

  • JavaScript Optimization: BerqWP offers specialized JavaScript optimization features, including JS delay and JS defer. It provides three distinct JavaScript optimization modes to address Core Web Vitals issues, such as render blocking. BerqWP ensures that your website not only passes Core Web Vitals but also achieves a speed score of 90+ for both mobile and desktop.

  • Web Vitals Analytics: With BerqWP, you gain access to our Web Vitals Analytics on the BerqWP website. It enables you to track and monitor core web vitals and the website performance experienced by actual visitors.

  • Much more!

Get a free license key with a BerqWP free account and access all BerqWP Premium features for up to 10 pages.


  • Eliminate Render-Blocking Resources
  • Avoid Chaining Critical Requests
  • Minify CSS
  • Minify JavaScript
  • Remove Unused CSS
  • Minimize Main-Thread Work
  • Reduce JavaScript Execution Time
  • Reduce Server Response Times (TTFB)
  • Properly Size Images
  • Defer Offscreen Images
  • Serve Image in Next-Gen Formats

🧪 Test your website for free:

Visit our website, enter your website URL, and click the “Boost Now” button to test BerqWP Premium’s optimization. See the difference our plugin can make for your website’s Google PageSpeed scores.

⚙️ How to set up BerqWP in 3 Steps?

  1. Ensure that you have deactivated any speed optimization plugins on your website. Then, install and activate the BerqWP plugin.
  2. Activate the license key.
  3. Relax and take it easy. Our automatic cache warm-up mechanism will handle the rest for you.

📌 Plugin Support:

We value both BerqWP Free and Premium users. If you encounter any issues, please enable “Sandbox Mode” and submit a support ticket. For BerqWP Premium users, we have a dedicated support center on our website.

🌎 More about BerqWP:

BerqWP isn’t just an ordinary plugin; it’s specially designed to enhance and improve the core web vitals of your WordPress website. BerqWP aims to address and boost all Google PageSpeed Insights speed optimization metrics, including:

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
  • First Input Delay (FID)
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)
  • Total Blocking Time (TBT)
  • Speed Index

Get BerqWP today!


  • Exceptional website performance results.
  • All modern speed optimization features.
  • Unnoticeable Image Optimization.
  • Monitor core web vitals in real time with Web Vitals Analytics.
  • BerqWP speed optimization results comparison.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/searchpro directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  3. Use the BerqWP settings page to configure the plugin.


How does BerqWP work?

BerqWP sends your website’s pages to our Photon Engine, where we optimize them and store optimized copies on your website as cache. This means BerqWP doesn’t use your server’s resources for optimization.

What are the requirements to run BerqWP?

All you need is a WordPress website running on PHP 7.4 or above.

What will I get in the free version?

You’ll get access to all BerqWP Premium features for up to 10 pages.

Which web servers are supported?

You can use BerqWP on a WordPress website running on Apache, Nginx, and LiteSpeed web servers.

Do I get BerqWP CDN on all plans?

Yes, you can access BerqWP CDN with all of our plans. You can enable or disable the BerqWP CDN from the plugin settings page.

Does BerqWP CDN support background images?

Absolutely, BerqWP CDN supports background images and lazy loading as well.

Can I use any external CDN if I want to?

Yes, you can switch to any CDN you want. CDN plugins are also supported by BerqWP.

Does BerqWP work with Cloudflare?

Absolutely, BerqWP seamlessly works with Cloudflare.

Will my plan be renewed automatically?

Yes, your plan will be renewed automatically.

Can I use the Speculative Loading plugin with BerqWP?

BerqWP already includes URL prefetching feature provided by WordPress’s Speculative Loading plugin, so there’s no need to use Speculative Loading with BerqWP.

Which hosting providers are supported?

You can use BerqWP with any hosting provider. If your hosting provider has a built-in speed optimizer, make sure to disable it.

Are multilingual and e-commerce websites supported?

Yes, you can use BerqWP for e-commerce and multilingual websites.

What if I need support?

No worries, we have a dedicated support team ready to help you with any assistance you may need with BerqWP.


January 29, 2024
This optimization plugin is the first gave me +90 Google PageSpeed Score! Its absolutely magical! Reccomended!!
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  • [Improvement] Enhanced optimization for core web vitals.
  • [Improvement] Decreased cache lifespan to a maximum of 10 hours.
  • [Improvement] Font preloading is now enabled by default.
  • [Bug] Fixed broken CDN images.


  • [Improvement] Up to 80% faster loading for cached pages.
  • [Improvement] Better support for LiteSpeed hosting.


  • [Improvement] Better security, secured API requests.


  • [Improvement] Enhanced compatibility with built-in caching systems on SiteGround, Cloudways, and WPEngine.


  • [Bug] Fixed issue causing blank page cache for gzip-compressed files.


  • [Bug] Fixed blank cache delivery on LiteSpeed webserver.


  • [Enhancement] Added GZip compression for cache files, reducing cache file size by up to 70% and improving server response time.
  • [Enhancement] Added cache content types, allowing users to include/exclude post types and taxonomies from the cache.
  • [Improvement] Added a fallback function in case the drop-in plugin isn’t working or WP_CACHE isn’t set to true.
  • [Improvement] Added support for Varnish cache.
  • Bug fixes.


  • [Improvement] Updated cache batch size.


  • [Bug] Fix conflict with ShortPixels plugin.


  • [Enhancement] Added optimization modes.
  • [Enhancement] Added compatibility with the Nginx Helper plugin.
  • [Enhancement] Added logs.
  • [Enhancement] Added webpage URL prefetch.
  • [Improvement] Reduced the usage of the WordPress options table.
  • [Improvement] Enhanced cache warmup functionality.
  • [Improvement] Added support for the “data:” image URL scheme.
  • [Improvement] Enhanced compatibility for browsers with JavaScript disabled via the tag.
  • [Improvement] Cleaned BerqWP options upon uninstallation.
  • [Bug] Fixed background images not loading upon initial page load.
  • [Bug] Fixed duplicate WP_Cache define function in wp-config.php.
  • [Bug] Fixed broken WebP images when an image URL has a duplicate file extension in the filename.
  • [Bug] Fixed issue where Ignore params were not working.


  • Added user agent for cache warmup requests.
  • Fixed license key deactivate bug.


  • Minor improvements for cache warmup.


  • Implemented parallel processing for cache warmup.
  • Added a toggle for enabling/disabling BerqWP CDN.
  • Added a toggle for WebP image generation.
  • Users can now exclude any external JavaScript & CSS files from optimization.
  • Added a toggle to preload font face upon the initial page load.


  • Added flush cache support for object cache.


  • BerqWP now caches external JavaScript files.
  • Improved user interface.
  • Added a Dropin plugin for delivering the cache.


  • Premium users now have the ability to set a click and define the time to trigger the click after the page loads.
  • Enhanced cache delivery speed for improved performance.
  • Added browser cache for optimized user experience.


  • Now you can activate the BerqWP license key on your multisite network by adding define("BERQWP_LICENSE_KEY", "Enter your license key here"); in your wp-config.php file of the parent website. The license key will be activated on all sites in the network.
  • Fixed duplicates for the Page Exclusion list.
  • Automatically disable advanced-cache.php left by other speed optimization plugins.
  • Made improvements for Oxygen builder.


  • Added compatibility for subdirectory WordPress installations.
  • Enabled JavaScript optimization exclusively for home pages in the free version.


  • Made improvements in caching initialization so that BerqWP can now function even without WP cron.
  • Added some more speed optimization plugins to BerqWP’s plugin conflict list.


  • Fixed compatibility issues with the Avada theme.
  • Now, BerqWP can detect and optimize image URLs added as the attribute value of div, span, and section tags.


  • Added some more speed optimization plugins to BerqWP’s plugin conflict list.
  • BerqWP can now lazy load image srcset as well.
  • Improved CSS optimization method for more sustainable results.


  • Changed the hook for delivering cache from the template_redirect hook to the wp hook.
  • Added some more speed optimization plugins to BerqWP’s plugin conflict list.


  • BerqWP plugin is now translation ready.


  • Removed unused code and files.


  • Fixed Issue with WebP Image srcset: The WebP srcset was previously blocked by license key verification. Now, you get WebP URLs for image srcset even without activating the license key.


  • Improvement In Cache Invalidation: BerqWP can now detect dynamic parts of HTML that change on every refresh and can ignore them, enhancing the cache invalidation process.
  • Improvement In Image Lazy Loading: BerqWP no longer uses an old-school loader GIF as an image placeholder. Now, BerqWP generates a low-quality blurred image that serves as a placeholder, providing a better user experience.
  • Improvement In CLS: BerqWP can now add width and height attributes for images that don’t have them, contributing to improved Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS).
  • Added WooCommerce Cart and Checkout Page URLs to the Cache Excluded List: WooCommerce cart and checkout page URLs have been added to the cache excluded list, ensuring a smooth shopping experience.
  • Added Trailing Slashes for Cache Excluded URLs: Trailing slashes have been added for cache excluded URLs, aligning with URL formatting best practices.
  • Moved BerqWP Review Notification to BerqWP Admin Page Only: The BerqWP review notification has been relocated to the BerqWP admin page exclusively, reducing user interruptions.


  • Added page exclusions for caching.
  • Added option to ignore URL parameters for caching.
  • Removed caching for logged-in users.
  • Removed caching lifespan.
  • Resolved the issue with the Gutenberg image block “Click to expand” feature.


  • Combined BerqWP Lite & Premium.
  • Integrated the Photon Engine for cloud based optimization.
  • BerqWP has become a 100% automatic speed optimization tool.
  • Automatically converts images into WebP.
  • Fixed bugs.


  • Fixed some bugs.


  • Fixed some bugs.
  • Prevented 404 pages from being cached.


  • Added support for Jetpack plugin.


  • Added WebP support for hosts or servers that previously lacked compatibility.


  • Fixed bugs.


  • Added interactions-based styles loading.


  • Added automatic cleaning for BerqWP scheduled tasks.


  • Enhanced JavaScript-based lazy loading for images.
  • Added placeholder image for lazy loading.


  • Added JavaScript-based lazy loading for images.
  • Fixed bugs.


  • Enhanced the LCP mechanism. Now, BerqWP preloads LCP separately for mobile and desktop.


  • Enhance WebP Images
  • Fixed bugs


  • Updated layout
  • Enhance WebP images
  • Added review notification


  • Fixed a bug regarding WebP images.


  • BerqWP Lite initial release.
  • SearchPro plugin temporarily switch with BerqWP Lite.