Transportify Same Day / Next Day Shipping


Available: Philippines

Transportify is a next generation delivery service that uses a direct vehicle service to pickup orders from your facility and deliver them directly to you customers. Our direct vehicle service is much faster and allows you much more control than a traditional express mail courier.

Use our plugin to setup, manage, and monitor every order delivery that you assign to Transportify. You can setup automatic dispatching to allow our system to recommend the right size vehicle for every order or use manual mode that allows you to combine orders together into any vehicle in our fleet to save on shipping costs.

You’ll love using Transportify for your order deliveries. Why?

  • Fast and efficient, especially if you combined orders
  • Our everyday low prices
  • 24/7 customer support that never closes
  • Every package is fully insured by Axa
  • Monthly post-pay invoicing

Your customers will love receiving their packages from Transportify. Why?

  • Extremely fast delivery speed
  • Live map tracking of delivery vehicle
  • Call or message your driver any time
  • Professionally uniformed and friendly service

Get started by installing our plugin and following the instructions in our Get Started Guide. Also, you may contact us or visit our API websites using the below information:


Privacy Policy


  • Manage Transportify shipping rates for your e-commerce website
  • Easy integration with Transportify using API Key
  • Create booking for the orders placed on your e-commerce website
  • View & adjust your booking before confirming
  • Manage & track all your Transportify bookings
  • Transportify shipping cost on your store's checkout page


  1. In your WordPress admin backend, navigate to Plugins → Add New
  2. Under Search, type in transportify and click Search
  3. In the search results find the * Transportify Same Day / Next Day Shipping* plugin and click Install now to install it


Who are BP customers?

BP customer is the customer that join and registered in our business program

Who are Non-BP customers?

Non-BP customer is our regular customer that use our app

What is Transportify shipping?

Transportify shipping method comes with predefined settings that will suggest the best-fit vehicle based on your order size. It also allows you to adjust the shipping cost for your customers.

How many shipping methods can I add for a shipping zone?

There’s no limitation in Woocommerce to add shipping methods to your shipping zone. However, we highly recommend to create one Transportify shipping method to get correct shipping cost.

What is an adjustment?

Adjustment is a feature that allows you to markup or markdown the shipping cost for your orders from the Transportify price. The adjusted shipping cost will display to your customers on the website.

Why can’t I see the adjustment feature?

The adjustment features are available only for Business Privilege customers. Please contact our business team to know more about our business privilege benefits.

What is premium? How does it work?

Premium allows you to markup the shipping cost on top of the Transportify price. You can either adjust it by value or percentage. You will keep the premium amount.

What is discount? How does it work?

Discount allows you to markdown the shipping cost from the Transportify price. You can either adjust it by percentage or value. You will pay the discount amount.

What is max cap?

Max cap – Maximum cap allows you to set a value for your premium or discount percentage.

What is Test mode?

If you’re a new user and want to test the cool features in our plugins before you go live, we provide you with a trial period to explore our sandbox.

What is Live mode?

If the features of our plugin are helpful to your business and you want to go live, you can just switch from test mode to live mode to create bookings in real-time.

What is Transportify API key?

Transportify API key is used to exchange information between two systems. That is Transportify and shop owner’s e-commerce platform.

How do I get a Transportify API key?

If you’re a new or existing user and want to get an API key, you should contact our []. Our business team will verify the requirements for API customer onboarding before giving access to our API dashboard.

Can I use my Transportify API key for both Test & Live mode?

API keys are developed to support different environments. No, you can not use the same API key for both Test and Live mode.

Do I need a Google API key?

It is not mandatory. However, if you’re using any Google Maps features on your website, you need to have Google API keys. You can still enter your store address on the Transportify API settings with geocoordinates or by entering your address in the text.


April 4, 2022
We used Transportify's plugin, and it worked great! The customer service is really helpful too. They made sure we were set up with no hassle.
March 15, 2022
Transportify is a game changer for all e-commerce stores. Its efficiency and professional service made our customers satisfied. It provides features like tracking for deliveries, flexible payment options, and many vehicle selections.
March 10, 2022
When I was building my e-commerce store, the manual process of entering shipping rates and rules took up a lot of my time. But when I discovered Transportify, it saved me from doing all that work. Aside from their cheaper rates, I love how easygoing they make things. I hope everyone else finds them as well.
March 9, 2022
As a small business owner and entrepreneur, Transportify allowed me to grow my business. This is a must for any business owner looking for a shipping solution for their Woocommerce website. It was a challenge finding the best solution but Transportify saved me time, money, and a lot of effort. Allowing me to provide real-time delivery rates to my customers. The set up was super easy and very intuitive. Their customer service is also 24/7 so I don't have problems reaching out to them. Fantastic! 5 stars. 2 thumbs up!
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– Adding user guideline
– Fix bugs

– Google API key is optional now
– Added a time filter that will allow you to filter the orders by time range
– Cost adjustments can be by percentage or amount for both premium and discount
– The cost adjustment amount is added in the booking section

First version