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Nudgify Social Proof, Sales Popup & FOMO – Best WordPress Social Proof Plugin

Nudgify Social Proof, Sales Popup & FOMO – Best WordPress Social Proof Plugin


Nudgify is a social proof app that uses live data to add real-world context to your website – increasing your sales and sign-ups by up to 15%.

Choose from a library of website notifications (“Nudges”) to build trust and create a sense of urgency. You can use Nudgify to:

Nudgify was built to make your website more engaging, so that you increase your conversions in a way that customers appreciate.

With over 10,000 downloads, Nudgify has already helped thousands of businesses to make their websites more engaging.


Social Proof is a huge factor in almost every online purchase.

97% of people look at reviews and testimonials for every online purchase

But it has to be recent for people to trust it.

85% of people don’t trust reviews older than 3 months

Live Social Proof Notifications create real-time Social Proof out of recent activity. Review Nudges display your best and most recent reviews, so your website’s visitors always see the latest ones.

Social proof notifications increase conversions by up to 15%

Not only that, but Nudgify can help to reduce your cart abandonment rate. The average eCommerce store throws away 69.57% of their sales every day – due to cart abandonment. By building trust in your store and showing important information (like delivery details) early in the checkout process, Nudgify could save you twice as many sales as abandoned cart emails.


Nudgify goes beyond simple Social Proof (“Sales Pop”) notifications, showing your visitors different web notifications depending on your industry and your goals.

  • Recent Activity Nudges show when a sale takes place, creating instant Social Proof for your WordPress website. You can integrate Recent Activity (“Sales Pop”) Nudges with your other apps, to show activity taking place anywhere in your funnel
  • Popularity Nudges (Sometimes called “Visitor Counter” notifications) show how many people have viewed a page or product. By making this information visible, popularity Nudges create urgency.
  • Google Review Nudges add your best reviews to any page, building confidence in your business. Review notifications allow you to build trust in your WordPress website, reducing abandoned baskets and increasing your sales.
  • Custom Nudges allow you to share key information at any stage of the customer journey. By drawing attention to special offers, discounts, announcements or industry awards, you can make sure visitors see what’s most important.


Not only does Nudgify offer a wide variety of Social Proof and FOMO notifications, it is also packed with unique features. These make Nudgify a user-friendly Social Proof app.

  • Website notifications (“Nudges”) work in 25+ languages
  • Nudges look great on mobile and desktop
  • Keep track of your Nudges with the analytics dashboard
  • Form Autocapture collects data easily
  • Drag-and-drop Stream builder gives you control over which Nudges appear and in what order. You can create unlimited Streams.
  • Customer styles, behaviour and links


Nudgify can be integrated with the apps you are already using, to show activity from different platforms.

  • Integrate your Social Proof notifications with MailChimp
  • Integrate your Review notifications with Google Reviews
  • Show sign-ups, sales and bookings from hundreds of apps through Zapier, including PayPal, Stripe, SendinBlue, Eventbrite, Intercom, Privy, Prestashop, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, and hundreds more…


You simply add Nudges to whichever pages you want and keep track of them with the app’s built-in analytics.

Nudgify suggests the best messages for your page type, your goals and your industry. Once you have chosen the best Nudges and configured them, information like new sign-ups, reviews and purchases is gathered in real-time.

Everything is automatic, which is why Nudgify is one of the fastest-growing WordPress Social Proof plugins.


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What makes Nudgify unique?

Unlike other Social Proof plugins or WordPress/WooCommerce Sales Notifications, Nudgify was designed to add real-world context to your website.

Nudges create a more human user experience, increasing your sales and sign-ups AND improving your user experience. Not only is it much more than a simple Social Proof app for WordPress, it is also a customer-friendly alternative.

  • Elegant and non-intrusive messages
  • Solutions for every industry and any budget
  • Built for humans – easy to use

Because of the range of messages you can display, and the focus on context rather than sales, Nudgify is a popular alternative to Provesource, FOMO, Beeketing, Fera.ai, Trustpulse and Useproof.

What does the Free Trial include?

The Free Trial gives you all the features available with a Plus plan. You get the full range of Social Proof notifications, FOMO notifications, Urgency and Friction Nudges, plus advanced integrations and styles.

What happens when the Free Trial ends?

When the trial ends your account will simply become inactive – there is NO automatic subscription after your free trial and NO need to unsubscribe manually. To reactivate your account after the trial period, you simply need to pick a paid plan.

What is the average ROI for Nudgify?

There is no average ROI, because it depends on your website and your goals. However, the impact that Social Proof notifications have on an eCommerce website speaks for itself and the importance of real-world context to the overall customer experience has been highlighted by marketing consultancies such as McKinsey and PWC.

Who Built Nudgify?

Unlike the majority of Social Proof or Sales Notification apps, Nudgify was designed by a combination of web marketers and software developers. That means the content AND the functionality are perfectly tailored to modern marketing teams.

The combination of unique features, user-friendliness and persuasive marketing content makes Nudgify a popular alternative to apps like NotificationX, Bizzy, Evidence and ProofFactor.

How many websites can I use Nudgify on?

Our pricing is per website. That means that you can add as many websites to your Nudgify account as you like, and multiply your plan price by the number of websites you have, e.g. if you use our Lite plan on 2 websites, it will cost 2x $0.99 = $1.98/month.


April 25, 2023 1 reply
Very happy with this one – super flexible and great features. Recommended! ADDED: The client support is SIMPLY OUTSTANDING!! Special mention and kudos to Naomi in Customer Support and Joycela in Development! OK, now I’m very impressed (and updated my original review to share!!)
October 13, 2022 1 reply
The plugin works really good and the chat support helped me in a fast way!
October 7, 2022 1 reply
Nudgify’s social tool has had a big impact on my revenue during my course launches. It’s so simple to set up and use and if you have any technical issues, their support team will go out of their way to help you. Special mention to super hero Charlotte.🤩
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