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Nifty Desk – Ultimate Support Desk Plugin


The easiest to use Help Desk & Support Ticket plugin. Create a support help desk quickly and easily with Nifty Desk.


  • Manage support tickets in a integrated and comprehensive support dashboard
  • Adds a Submit Ticket page to your website
  • Receive email notifications for new support tickets
  • Receive email notifications for support ticket responses
  • One support agent
  • Priorities – Add priorities to your support tickets (low, high, urgent, critical)
  • Internal notes
  • Basic reporting – Total tickets, solved tickets, average first reply time
  • Merge tickets with other tickets
  • Fully cutomizable email templates
  • Allow for HTML within tickets
  • Create your own child themes for your support area
  • REST API – create tickets, view tickets, and delete tickets.

Premium Features

  • Comprehensive and customizable support desk
  • Unlimited support agents
  • Unlimited quick responses
  • Receive email notifications when a new ticket has been assigned to you
  • Allow users and agents to upload files in support tickets
  • Allow tickets to be closed after a certain number of days
  • Create custom views to organize your tickets
  • Organize your support tickets into departments
  • Allow for multiple email collection channels
  • Schedule support tickets to be assigned to specific agents

Coming Soon

  • Android Mobile App

Why is using a Support Desk important

Having a support desk on your website allows you to resolve issues faster and more efficiently. Simply put, a support desk allows you to organize information, steamline your workflow and eliminate any manual processes. By using a support desk such as Nifty Desk, you will no longer have to laboriously log issues by hand, dig through disorganized emails and let things slip through the cracks unknowingly.

If you can say ‘yes’ to any of the below points, it may be time to install Nifty Desk and declutter your product or service, one support ticket at a time:

  • You find that things are inefficient, and often find that common issues are never addressed.
  • Multitasking is nearly impossible, especially considering you’re never sure where half of the issues lie with your product or service.
  • Your customers find it difficult to get in touch with you, or even obtain a resolution to an issue or problem.
  • You’re unaware if you’re fixing or making more problems on a day to day basis for your customer.
  • You have a negative or poor reputation as a business for following up and resolving your customer’s issues.

How can I provide outstanding support?

As a business, we all want to be known for the excellent support we provide our customers. Below are just a few points you should follow to ensure your customers are having a great experience with you.

  • Know your product well. Be confident about every aspect of it. Ensure your team is on the same page as well.
  • Be friendly. Add your personal touch to a response to prevent sounding like a predefined response.
  • Remember your manners – say please and thank you when asking and receiving something from the customer.
  • Greet the customer accordingly. Using the customer’s name in a reply is impressive in every language.
  • Show respect to the customer.
  • Be patient. Some customers may not understand your solution fully the first time round.
  • Listen. Take as much in from the customer before responding. This will allow you to provide a comprehensive and knowledgeable solution.
  • Never assume. Go back to basics first, and work your way through the problem, until you’ve found a suitable solution.


  • Nifty Desk – Support Ticket Dashboard
  • Nifty Desk – Support Ticket Single View
  • Nifty Desk – Submit a support ticket
  • Nifty Desk – Basic Reporting
  • Nifty Desk – An array of options to tailor your support desk to your requirements
  • Nifty Desk – Use the REST API for external applications


  1. Once activated, click the “Nifty Desk” in your left navigation menu
  2. Edit the settings to your preference.
  3. Wait for your first support ticket


How does the plugin work?

When activated, the plugin automatically creates a “Submit Ticket” page where users can submit support tickets. Once a support ticket has been submitted, you will be notified via an email. To view the support ticket, log in to your wordpress admin section, click on “Support Tickets” in the left navigation and then click on “Edit”. At the top right, you should notice options to change your support ticket status as well as assign a ticket priority. Notifications are sent out when there is a new support ticket as well as when there are new support ticket responses – these can be changed in the settings page.

How do I edit the Submit Ticket page?

The Submit Ticket page is created automatically upon activation. To edit, please go to Pages in your left navigation and edit the relevant page. Please remember to keep the shortcode on the page so that the submit ticket form shows correctly.


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Contributors & Developers

“Nifty Desk – Ultimate Support Desk Plugin” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



1.03 – 2017-02-17 – High Priority

  • PHP Mailer removed from the plugin

1.02 – 2017-02-09 – Medium Priority

  • You can now search for tickets based on the author email address
  • Bug Fix: Correct timestamp shown in search results for last responder
  • Bug Fix: Author name displays correctly in search results
  • Bug Fix: Slashes are now removed from ticket replies
  • Bug Fix: Two PHP errors after submitting a ticket while logged in
  • Bug Fix: Headers already sent once a ticket is submitted and needs to redirect to the thank you page
  • Enhancement: You can now close the ‘Merge Tickets’ popup by pressing the escape key
  • Bug Fix: Changing originator’s email address will change their display name in the ticket too
  • Enhancement: Styling fixes made to the ‘Merge Tickets’ popup

1.01 – 2016-11-22

  • Fixed bugs when creating a ticket from the API (no last_update timestamp and support tickets were being incorrectly assigned)
  • Fixed a bug when creating a ticket from the front end (user’s side)
  • Fixed a bug that caused html entities to show up incorrectly in tickets
  • Added a check in place to abort the previous XHR requests when clicking on views sequentially

1.00 – 2016-11-17 – Launch

  • First release