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MyCurator Delivers Vibrant Content for your Site

Struggling to find time to create content? Start with what you do
already, reviewing articles in your industry or niche! MyCurator
will deliver them to your WordPress site where you can easily review

Our Machine Learning Relevance engine lets you train MyCurator with
a simple up or down vote on an article. After just a few articles
MyCurator will classify the good articles – weeding out 90% or more
of the junk and spam articles, saving a huge amount of time.

With one click curate the article into your WordPress Editor
with an excerpt, image and attribution ready to go. Just add a
paragraph to tell your readers about the article and you’ve created
content for your site!

What is Content Curation? Click Here to Find Out.

MyCurator allows you to curate content for a Topic (equivalent to
WordPress Categories) for free, but you will have to obtain an API
Key to access the cloud services. For those who need to curate a
lot of different topics or for multiple sites, low priced monthly
plans are available – always with a free 30 day trial.

Go to Our Site to get your API Key after you install the software.

Visit MyCurator for more information on
how MyCurator can add content curation to your content marketing capabilities.

MyCurator saves you hours a day by finding content you can use

  • MyCurator’s Cloud AI module classifies articles based on their relevance to you after some simple training
  • The AI classification can weed out up to 90% of the spammy, off topic and irrelevant articles on the web
  • You customize the RSS, Twitter and Google Alert Sources you want to use
  • Articles are brought to you throughout the day from your Sources
  • Content is filtered for your keywords and other parameters
  • MyCurator curates content in any language, creating posts in the native language of your site
  • Quickly choose articles for curation, pop-up the full content in a readable page format to help your review

Easily compose curated posts starting with a click of the Make Live tag

  • MyCurator pre-fills the post with an image, attribution link and an excerpt into the WordPress Editor
  • Choose your own excerpts by just clicking on paragraphs from the original full article
  • Click on images from the original article to add more or change the pre-filled picture
  • Customize the curation with your own insights and comments
  • Options to manage the pre-filled links, images and excerpts in a variety of formats

MyCurator supports a wide range of curation practices

  • Our Get It bookmarklet allows you to curate content while you browse the web on your desktop, tablet or phone
  • Curate Video from YouTube and other video sources, with the video pre-embedded into your post
  • MyCurator Notebooks allow you to save multiple articles for a complex curation or an original writing project
  • Curate several articles into a single curation just by tagging multiple articles
  • Curate articles to the Custom Post Types you’ve defined for your site
  • Bulk curation tools to handle curating many articles at once
  • A Quick Post feature to post the pre-filled curations immediately to your site
  • Selective Auto-Post capability uses our AI classification to automatically post pre-filled curations
  • Security settings for multiple curators to manage workflow and visibility of articles

View our Training Videos and Documentation at MyCurator.


  • Articles found by MyCurator ready for you to review and curate.

  • One click curated article in the Editor, with excerpt and attribution from MyCurator, your intro.

  • Topic page tells MyCurator what articles to look for by keyword.


Using the WordPress Plugin Installer, Choose Add New and then Upload, choose the zip file on your computer that
you downloaded from the WordPress repository. After Uploading, choose Install and then activate

After activation choose the new MyCurator menu item and follow the Getting Started instructions.

Go to Our Site to get your API Key to Paste into the API Key field
in the MyCurator Dashboard, then click Validate & Get Plan button.


Does MyCurator work with most themes?

MyCurator creates a simple excerpted blog post, with a link to the original page. It should work with most
themes. Optionally, it will try to save an image from the article as the featured image for the post.

Does MyCurator work with Network Sites?

Yes, MyCurator works with Network sites. You must have a key for each site. Enterprise options are available
for businesses and larger sites that need many keys.

Does MyCurator work with other languages?

Yes, MyCurator will read and post articles written in other languages. All characters in the UTF-8 encoding, the same
used by WordPress, will be displayed. You can customize the link to the original page to match your language.
The admin pages, documentation and the training videos are only in English at this time.

How often does MyCurator read my sources for articles?

You can set MyCurator to process every 3, 6, 12 or 24 hours, depending on how often new articles are posted to
your sources. Processing happens in the background, with most of the processing off-site using our
cloud services.


September 1, 2022 2 replies
MyCurator is really a great plugin, easy to use and nice customisation. But the plugin will be greater if it has these features: 1. Option to set full article text or excerpt for each topic category. 2. Option to customize the attribution text and either to include or exclude attribution link for each topic category. 3. Option for word spinner or word AI that can replace the article text synonymously for each topic category.
December 6, 2018
We are an advisory / research firm, and we’re all about content. We create our own content, but we also aggregate interesting content from others. Over the last 12 months, we’ve tested three different content searching / capture / aggregation engines. The first one was very expensive and took a long time to configure. And even when we got it working, it still took a long time to finalize and post each item. The second system was not only costly, but also confusing. We had to configure the search terms and sources via a web UI, and changes took 24 – 48 hours to go live. It took us weeks to configure the system, and even then it didn’t find the content we needed. And then we found MyCurator. Installation took 3 minutes. Configuration took 10 minutes. And content started coming in just a few minutes later. MyCurator is low cost, light weight, and works well. A few days later, we had an idea for a new function we wanted to implement. We sent an email to Mark (the plug-in’s creator), and just a few minutes later we had the answer. My advice — before spending big money on a curation engine, try MyCurator. I only wish we had started there in the first place.
April 26, 2018
It is a fantastic plugin and has very nice features which can help in finding the quality content via RSS feeds, Google Alerts, twitter and has many other features. Highly recommended!
March 11, 2018
This powerful plugin is well designed (very ergonomic) and enables you to boost your blog in a way never known before! Also, Mark is able to take your remarks into account and provide answers with an impressive velocity and in a very simple way. My 5 stars, both to the plugin and its author!
July 21, 2017
It creates clean posts and the import is accurate. After fine tuning the topic keywords, it does a great job of filtering and displaying just the posts you want. Once you use it for a while, you see that it is more powerful than it originally seems.
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