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Welcome to the ultimate geolocation, mapping, and proximity search solution for WordPress.

Using GEO my WP plugin, and the powerful features of Google Maps API and OpenStreetMaps, you can easily geotag any of your post types, BuddyPress members and other components. Create unlimited advanced, proximity search forms to search and find any of the geotagged components of your site.

With GEO my WP, creating a real estate, events, directory, classifieds, social networking and any other type of location-based website is a simple task.

Visit GEO my WP website form more information.

Check out the live demo.

Key features of GEO my WP

  • Post Types Locator
  • BuddyPress Members Locator
  • Advanced location form
  • Advanced Proximity Search Forms Builder
  • Mashup Maps
  • Single Location widget and shortcode
  • Current Location Shortcode and Widget
  • Can be used with Google Maps API or OpenStreetMaps and LeafLet
  • Theme Flexibility
  • Developer Friendly

Post Types Locator

Add geographic location to any of the registered post types of your site. Display post location on a map, and create proximity search forms to search and find posts based on address, distance categories and more.

BuddyPress Members Locator

Let the BuddyPress members of your site to easily add location to their profile. Let them search and find other members near them or near any address using an advanced proximity search form.

Advanced Location Form

Add location to your posts, Buddypress members, and other components, using the advanced location form that GEO my WP provides. Drag the marker to the location on a map, pick from suggested results using Google address autocomplete while typing an address, enter coordinates, or manually enter the address fields. This is as flexible and accurate as it gets.

Advanced Forms Builder

Create unlimited mashup maps and proximity search forms to search and find post types, BuddyPress members, and other components, based on an address, distance, categories, profile fields and more.

Mashup Maps

Create unlimited mashup maps to display the location of your post types, BuddyPress members and other components.

Powered By Google Maps API

GEO my WP takes full advantage of the powerful features of Google Maps API. Allows for simple and accurate geolocation using Google maps, address autocomplete, auto-locator and more.

LeafLet and OpenStreetMaps

Out of the box GEO my WP also supports LeafLet and OpenStreetMaps, which you can use instead of Google Maps.

Single Location widget and shortcode

Display map and location details of a single component, such as a post or BuddyPress member, anywhere on a page using shortcode or widget.

Current Location Shortcode and Widget

Present the visitors of your site with a location form which allows them to add their current location.
Once added, the visitor’s current location will be saved and can be used with the different features of GEO my WP. Such as setting your proximity search forms to display locations nearby the visitor’s location.

Theme Flexibility

Why limit yourself to a specific theme? Being a shortcode based plugin, GEO my WP has no limits and you can use it with any WordPress theme.

Developer Friendly

Yes, GEO my WP is already a powerful plugin out of the box. However, together with its many action hooks and filters, the options are limitless.


  • GEO my WP Core Extensions
  • Settings Page - General Settings Tab
  • Settings Page - Posts Locator Tab
  • Form Builder - Page Load Results Tab 1
  • Form Builder - Page Load Results Tab 2
  • Form Builder - Search Form Tab 1
  • Form Builder - Search Form Tab 2
  • Form Builder - Search Form Tab 3
  • Form Builder - Form Submission Tab
  • Form Builder - Search Results Tab 1
  • Form Builder - Search Results Tab 2
  • Form Builder - Results Map Tab.
  • Location form ( Location Tab ) - Edit Post Page
  • Location form ( Address Tab ) - Edit Post Page 2
  • Location form - BuddyPress Member Profile Page
  • Posts Locator Search Form 1
  • Posts Locator Search Form 2
  • Posts Locator Search Form - Address Autocomplete
  • Current Location Shortcode Without Location
  • Current Location Shortcode With Location
  • Single Location Shortcode


Automatic Plugin Installation. To add a WordPress Plugin using the built-in plugin installer:

  • Go to Plugins > Add New.
  • Under Search, type “GEO my WP”.
  • GEO my WP should show up on top of the results.
  • Click “Install” to install GEO my WP.
  • A pop-up window will ask you to confirm your wish to install the Plugin.
  • Click Proceed to continue with the installation. The resulting installation screen will list the installation as successful or note any problems during the install.
  • If successful, click Activate Plugin to activate it.

Manual plugin Installation. To install a WordPress plugin manually:

  • Download GEO my WP Plugin to your desktop.
  • The plugin will be downloaded as a zip. extract the Plugin folder to your desktop.
  • With your FTP program, upload the Plugin folder to the wp-content/plugins folder in your WordPress directory online.
  • Go to Plugins screen and find the newly uploaded Plugin in the list.
  • Click Activate Plugin to activate it.

for detailed installation and setup guide see the documentation.



12 1201 July 1201 000000 2021
I've been using this plugin and some of the premium extensions for years to provide geolocation and generate maps for post types. The post types are different locations for a business. Any time I run into an issue and need support the developer is quick to respond with a solution. I should add that the issues aren't plugin problems exactly. Most recently I copied a site to a staging environment to make edits and my maps weren't showing on the staging site so I reached out to support. It turned out to be a caching issue and needed to deactivate and reactivate an extension. Super simple, but tough to find as it's not in the plugins. My biggest hesitation with relying on plugins like this is fear of them breaking and not having a quick fix, but the developer, has proven to be very reliable and I would not hesitate to continue to use the plugin.
14 1423 June 1423 000000 2021
Eyal provided fantastic support with great detail for the technical questions that I had - Mike
24 2440 May 2440 000000 2021
I have tried other plugins which provides similar capabilities and this one is the best of the best. I would be glad if I can give even more stars.
14 1451 May 1451 000000 2021
I use a combination of GEO my WP, the Gravity Geolocation plugin, and Gravity forms. The geolocation plugin is especially useful as it allows you to show maps detailing directions from map markers directly on your website. Eyal was very helpful with any issues I had and updated his software after I found a minor issue that was preventing me from getting the functionality exactly the way I wanted it.
27 2701 April 2701 000000 2021
Developer is fantastic, this plugin is definitely worth it! Quick responses to all tech support queries, quick turnaround on fixes. Highly recommend!
15 1507 April 1507 000000 2021
If only every plugin developer was as dedicated to their product as these guys are!!! We needed a few tweaks and submitted a ticket OVER THE WEEKEND — got a fix within a few hours. The plugin works well and we found the documentation to be very helpful. FYI: We used this plugin together with Gravity Forms, to build a Google map popup allowing prospects to enter their address, then drag the marker to a specific location and submit their form. Our sales team gets notified and can pull up the exact pin location and provide a quote via satellite images. KILLER automation thanks to this plugin!
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Contributors & Developers

“GEO my WordPress” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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  • Fix: form editor styling issues.
  • Fix: exported locations table missing columns.
  • Fix: getting the user’s current location will return incorrect data in some scenarios when empty.
  • Tweak: trigger show/hide current location form for forms that are loaded dynamically.
  • Tweak: Use secure connection when pulling GEO my WP’s extensions data in the dashboard.
  • Tweak: when retrieving a location, first look for a location without location type set, then look by the parent and last by ID.
  • Filter: ‘gmw_ml_get_location_types_args’ to modify the query args before pulling location types data from database.
  • Tweak: new location form argument ‘disable_location_type’ to prevent the location form from using and showing location types.
  • Tweak: get BP Search Profile search argument using BuddyBoss’s function when BuddyBoss theme is being used.
  • Tweak: verify that the BP Profile Search plugin was installed before attempting to load the BP Profile Search Geo extension.
  • Tweak: make function static.
  • Tweak: missing function “public” declaration.
  • Tweak: add a class attribute to Xprofile Fields filters in the search form.
  • Tweak: do not prevent GEO my WP from loading its Location form in the Edit Job/resume pages.
  • Tweak: remove unused action.
  • Tweak: try to get the object ID from the global $post when using the single Location post widget/shortcode.
  • Tweak: include the tom-select library. But it is not yet being used yet.

  • Tested with WordPress 5.7
  • Fix: jQuery Select2 conflict with other plugins.
  • Fix: PHP notice. Remove localization of gmwAjaxUrl string. If needed, use gmwVars.ajaxUrl instead.
  • Fix: Undefined index PHP notice.


  • Please note that when updating to GEO my WP v3.7 you will also need to update your premium extensions to latest version.
  • ——————————–
  • New: Location Type feature added to GEO my WP to allow generating pre-defined location types. This feature is disabled by default and can be enabled when needed.
  • Filter: ‘gmw_lf_submission_fields_output’ to modify the output of the location form.
  • Action: JavaScript action ‘gmw_lf_location_deleted’ execute after location was deleted.
  • DB: add the new “location_type” column to the gmw_locations database table.
  • Fix: incorrect variable name caused PHP warning. Should be $this->object_type instead of $this->slug in the GMW_Location_Form class.
  • Fix: verify that get_terms() does not return an error when getting the taxonomy terms in the form editor to prevent PHP error.
  • Tweak: when updating a location, update only the columns that were actually changed rather than all columns.
  • Tweak: change the location of the ‘gmw_save_location’ and ‘gmw_location_deleted’ filters and place them after the location cache was cleared.
  • Tweak: allow HTML in hours of operation. Disabled by default and can be enabled using the filter ‘gmw_get_hours_of_operation_allowed_html’ ( add_filter( ‘gmw_get_hours_of_operation_allowed_html’, ‘__return_true’ ); ).
  • Tweak: set the taxonomy select input element to scroll when overflow in the search form template.
  • Tweak: when generating GEO my WP’s menu items a callback function is now not required.
  • Tweak: move the location_meta ( contact info ) and hours of operation form editor settings from the GMW_Posts_Locator_Form_Editor() class into the GMW_Form_Editor() class so it could be enabled and used with other objects ( using the filter ‘gmw_form_editor_disable_additional_fields’ ).
  • Tweak: add the location meta ( contact-info ) and hours of operations functions to the Members Locator search results template files.
  • Tweak: allow HTML in hours of operation output. It is disabled by default, but can be enabled using the filter ‘gmw_get_hours_of_operation_allowed_html’ ( add_filter( ‘gmw_get_hours_of_operation_allowed_html’, ‘__return_true’ ); ).
  • Tweak: update the jQuery Select2 library.
  • Tweak: update the fonts icons library. A few icons were added.
  • Tweak: use jQuery Select2 instead of jQuery Chosen in GEO my WP admin’s pages.
  • Tweak: replace trigger_error() with gmw_trigger_error(); function to prevent WPCS warning.
  • Tweak: use maybe_serialize() instead of serialize().
  • Tweak: use gmw_insert_location() instead of gmw_update_location_data() when updating location via the Location form.
  • Tweak: add $object_slug variable to the GMW_Locaiton_Form class that can be used as a unique slug for extensions that share the same object type ( for example both users Locator and Members Locator extensions use the ‘user’ object type ).
  • Tweak: the “contact” and “Hours of operation” location form fields moved from the Posts Locator extension file into the GMW_Location_Form parent class so it can be enabled and used with any object type ( different extensions ). By default, it is enabled for the Posts Locator extension only, but can be enabled/disabled for other extension using the filter ‘gmw_location_form_disable_additional_fields’ which is set to true by default.
  • Tweak: move the location form tabs and fields filters from the GMW_Location_Form child class of each object to the GMW_Location_Form parent class.
  • Tweak: use include_once instead of include.
  • Language: German translation updated ( thank you @fighterii for the contribution ).
  • Language: POT file updated.
  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements.
  • WPCS.

  • Fix: fatal error message.

  • Fix: fatal error message.


  • Note that version 3.2 was a major release. If you are updating from an earlier version, then backing up your site and/or testing this version on a staging environment first is recommended. See the changelog of version 3.2 for more details before updating.
  • ——————————–
  • New: integration with WordPress Personal Data Exporter. Now the export will also exclude the user’s location data.
  • New: shortcode – [gmw_hours_of_operation] to display the hours of operation of a specific object.
  • Fix: variable does not pass properly from PHP to JavaScript and causes an issue on Chrome where the post wouldn’t change from draft to public.
  • Fix: issue on Chrome browsers when trying to Publish a post or when changing the post status.
  • Tweak: improve region verification when geocoding an address using LeafLet.
  • Tweak: give higher priority to locations with the “parent” column set to 1 when getting a location of an object.
  • Tweak: new argument to retrieve multiple locations using the GMW_Location::get_locations_data() method.
  • Tweak: remove the comma character from the invalid geocoding characters when using LeafLet. LeafLet seems to geocode addresses better when including the comma in the address.
  • Tweak: verify that a parent location is set for an object when adding, updating, or deleting a location.
  • Filter: ‘gmw_geocoder_invalid_characters’ to modify the invalid characters when parsing the raw address before geocoding.
  • Various minor bug fixes.
  • minor CSS changes.
  • WPCS


  • Note that version 3.2 was a major release. If you are updating from an earlier version, then backing up your site and/or testing this version on a staging environment first is recommended. See the changelog of version 3.2 for more details before updating.
  • ——————————–
  • Fix: issue with multiple locations generated for a specific post when Gutenberg is enabled and updating the location of a newly created post multiple times before refreshing the page.
  • Fix: exporting the locations database tables on subsites of a multi-site generate empty tables.
  • Fix: CSS issue with Single Location map size.
  • Fix: a conflict between the Pods plugin and GEO My WP when using the Chrome browser.
  • Functions: new functions gmw_get_info_window_title() and gmw_get_info_window_permalink() to display the location name/title and permalink in the info-window.
  • Tweak: add the DB table column ‘title’ as ‘location_name’ and ‘featured’ as ‘featured_location’ when retrieving locations from the database.
  • Tweak: deactivate a premium extension when its plugin is deactivated from the Plugins page.
  • Tweak: add the “title” column as “location_name” from the gmw_locations database table to the search query of GEO my WP.
  • Tweak: use the gmw_get_search_results_title() function inside gmw_get_info_window_title().
  • Filter: ‘gmw_results_title_location_name_enabled’ to enable the location name in the search results title. This can be used when having multiple locations and location name exists.
  • Tweak: add the “order” search query argument to the posts locator search query when ordering by distance.
  • Tweak: pass additional arguments, $output for the output type ( OBJECT, ARRAY ) and $cache ( true or false ), to the function gmw_get_post_location();
  • Tweak: modify default map size of the single location add-on.
  • Tweak: new single location shortcode attributes css_class and css_id to pass CLASS and ID attributes.
  • Tweak: verify that location meta exists before attempting to output it in the single location shortcode.
  • Tweak: update single location styling.
  • Tweak: verify that variable is an array when generating the Location tab in the BP member profile page.
  • Tweak: Added New parseCSV library that will be used when importing CSV files.
  • Tweak: use the parseCSV library when importing CSV files.
  • Tweak: disable the daily_events and hourly_events Cron events.
  • WPCS


  • Note that version 3.2 was a major release. If you are updating from an earlier version, then backing up your site and/or testing this version on a staging environment first is recommended. See the changelog of version 3.2 for more details before updating.
  • ——————————–
  • Fix: pagination conflict with WordPress 5.5.
  • Fix: issue with CSV exported generates an extra blank column.
  • Fix: Xprofile Fields do not show in the Members Locator search results due to a missing action hook.
  • Fix: pass the correct success message when using the different auto locator options.
  • Fix: Double escaping of the value when using set_cookie() caused for wrong encoding.
  • Fix: PHP error. Replace duplicated public $user_position with public $displayed_name;
  • Tweak rename filter ‘gmw_search_results_post_excerpt’ to ‘gmw_search_results_post_excerpt_output’.
  • Tweak: verify that a profile field exists before tempting to display it in the Members Locator search results.
  • Tweak: use the ‘form.gmw-form’ CSS class when initiating the form_submission JavaScript function to prevent issues when using a custom search form template file and the ‘.gmw-form-wrapper’ class is missing.
  • Tweak: move the object_type filter of the search query from the WHERE to the JOIN clause.
  • Tweak: use the filter ‘gmw_disable_query_clause_between’ to disable the coordinates BETWEEN filter of the search query.
  • Tweak: do not save the user’s current location into cookies on page load via PHP by default. This is now done via JS. This can be changed using the filter ‘gmw_cl_force_saving_cookies_via_page_load’ in case of an issue.
  • Tweak: pass 2 additional argument to the ‘gmw_submission_fields’ filter: $id which is the form ID and the global $_GET;
  • Tweak: generate a “Showing all locations” search results message when displaying all results in GEO my WP search form.
  • Filter: ‘gmw_user_location_cookie_prefix’ to modify the prefix of the user location cookies ( default is ‘gmw_ul_’ ).
  • Filter: new JavaScript filters ‘gmw_date_custom_field_options’ and ‘gmw_time_custom_field_options’ to modify the date and time picker field options of the custom fields filters.
  • Filter: use the filter ‘gmw_search_form_enable_field_wrapping_element’ to enable a wrapping element for each taxonomy element inside the search form.
  • Filter: ‘gmw_get_orderby_filter_single_label’ to modify the label of each label of the sort-by options.
  • Filter: ‘gmw_search_results_post_excerpt_output’ to modify the excerpt output.


  • Note that version 3.2 was a major release. If you are updating from an earlier version, then backing up your site and/or testing this version on a staging environment first is recommended. See the changelog of version 3.2 for more details before updating.
  • ——————————–
  • Fix: Issue with the Single Location widget/Shortcode map size when is set to 100%.
  • Fix: verify that ‘bp_get_member_latest_update’ function exists before executing it to prevent PHP errors.
  • Fix: verify that the ‘gmw_single_location_shortcode’ function exists before executing it to prevent conflict with the Elementor plugin.
  • Fix: make sure the GMW_Current_Location class exists before executing it to prevent PHP errors.
  • Fix: issue with default value that is set in the form editor not passing to the address field of the search form on page load.
  • Fix: verify form submission when passing a default value to the address field.
  • Tweak: make the address in Single Location shortcode/widget links to Google Maps.
  • Tweak: add “mode” argument to the get_direction_link() function to set the travel mode.
  • Tweak: disable the address autocomplete feature if LeafLet is enabled.
  • Enhancement: modify the output fields of the address autocomplete feature to the basic fields to prevent additional charges of the Google Maps Atmosphere and Contact SKUs.
  • Hook: ‘gmw_map_rendered’ Javascript hook that executes after a map rendered.
  • Filter: ‘gmw_cl_display_output_elements’ to modify the Current Location elements array before being output.
  • Filter: gmw_get_template_output to modify the template files URL/PATH before deploying on the page.
  • Tweak: allow passing some HTML tags to the results message.
  • Security patches.


  • Note that version 3.2 was a major release. If you are updating from an earlier version, then backing up your site and/or testing this version on a staging environment first is recommended. See the changelog of version 3.2 for more details before updating.
  • ——————————–
  • Fix: PHP warnings related to PHP 7.3.
  • Fix: license key input box of 3rd party extensions is hidden in Plugin’s page and the “Deactivate license” link is missing.
  • Fix: Location form generates JS error when confirming an address and the Coordinates tab is excluded from the Location form.
  • Fix: default marker URL incorrect when using LeafLet.
  • Fix: Google place_id not being saved in the database when a place is added or updated.
  • Enhancement: driving directions units can now be set to ‘default’ which is the default behavior by Google Maps API. That means that the unit system will be set based on the starting address entered in the driving directions form.
  • Enhancement: new shortcode attribute ‘directions_form_units’ added to the Single Location Shortcode for setting the unit system of the live directions form.
  • Tweak: Update styling related to horizontal search form templates.
  • Tweak: Tweak: add “gmw-field-label-enabled” class tag to the address field when label is enabled.
  • Tweak: update the minimum required extensions version.
  • Tweak: decrease zoom level of form editor in the dashboard.
  • Tweak: adjust title styling in the info window of the single location extension.
  • Tweak: new argument “location” to the JS filter ‘gmw_generate_marker_options’.
  • Tweak: add “lat” and “lag” variables as coordinates in addition to “latitude” and “longitude” to the location object when using the GMW_Locaiton::get_locations_by_object() function. This is to support some older versions of the plugin.
  • Tweak: pass $location object to the GMW_Single_Post_Location::title() and GMW_Single_BP_Member_Location::title() methods.
  • Tweak: add the ‘tile’ column of the gmw_locations DB table as location_name to the DB fields of the locator form.
  • Tweak: use the functions gmw_search_results_permalink() and gmw_search_results_title() in the search results template files to generate the title and permalink.
  • Filter: JS filter ‘gmw_search_form_address_value_pre_geocoding’ to modify the address before geocoding takes place.
  • Function: gmw_get_search_results_title() to generate the title in the search results template file.
  • Deprecated: JS filter ‘gmw_search_form_address_pre_geocoding’. Use ‘gmw_search_form_address_value_pre_geocoding’ instead.
  • WPCS
  • Additional minor bugs fix and improvements.


  • Note that version 3.2 was a major release. If you are updating from an earlier version, then backing up your site and/or testing this version on a staging environment first is recommended. See the changelog of version 3.2 for more details before updating.
  • ——————————–
  • Translation: German Formal ( Thanks to Robert Schneider ).
  • Fix: accidentally used do_action instead of add_action.
  • Fix: use “sortby” instead of “orderby” as a URL parameter on search form submission to prevent conflict with other WordPress search queries.
  • Fix: clear object terms internal cache when updating post’s taxonomy terms.
  • Fix: image width and height settings are missing from the form editor.
  • Fix: check for the formatted address value if the address value is missing from the user’s current location data.
  • Fix: when displaying the user’s current location in the address field of the Single Location, check for the formatted address value if the address value was not found.
  • Fix: when getting the User’s current location on page load, pass the formatted address value into the address field so it won’t be blank.
  • Typo: “suburb” typo in geocoder class.
  • Tweak: set the default unit system of the single location extension to imperial.
  • Tweak: Apply the user’s current location or the “address field filter value” of the page load results into the address field of the search form when the form first loads.
  • Tweak: generate “action” URL parameter on form submission be able to detect when a form is submitted.
  • Tweak: when geocoding an address and city was not found in “locality” look in “postal_town” instead.
  • style: padding of the User’s location info-window.
  • Tweak: load LeafLet, Marker Spiderfire, and Marker Clusters libraries separately, instead of in a single bundled file.
  • Tweak: allow passing HTML attributes to the “No Results Message”.
  • Tweak: Use the HTML “required” attribute in the address field of the search form to verify if the field was left blank.
  • Tweak: hide license key box in the Plugins page by default when a license key is activated.
  • Tweak: new “Deactivate license” link to GEO my WP’s add-ons in the plugin’s page that will show the license key box on click.
  • Tweak: add location meta ( phone, fax, email, address ) to GEO my WP Post Custom Fields importer.
  • Update: Upgrade LeafLet library to version 1.5.1
  • Update: Upgrade LeafLet Marker Cluster library to version 1.4.1.
  • Update: date picker library.
  • Update premium extensions’ min required version.
  • Function: ‘gmw_get_search_results_permalink()’ to use in the search results template file. Using this function it is possible to modify the permalink if needed.
  • Filter: new JS filter ‘gmw_cl_after_location_deleted’ triggers after the current location is deleted.
  • Filter: ‘gmw_location_meta_list_field_before_output’ to modify the location-meta list before output.
  • Style: update LeafLet and MarkerSpiderfire styling.
  • update language files.


  • Note that version 3.2 was a major release. If you are updating from an earlier version, then backing up your site and/or testing this version on a staging environment first is recommended. See the changelog of version 3.2 for more details before updating.
  • ——————————–
  • New: Integration with BP Profile Search plugin ( Thanks to @Andrea Tarantini for great help with this feature ). A new BP Profile Search Geolocation core extension was added to the Extensions page of GEO my WP in the dashboard.
  • New: static function GMW_Form_Settings_Helper::get_form_field() to generate a form field.
  • Fix: get directions link does not work properly. Pass set of coordinates instead of gmw form object to the gmw_get_directions_link() function.
  • Fix: The map of GEO my WP Location form is partially loaded in new block editor of WordPress when the location section is hidden by default.
  • Fix: filter typo. Use ‘gmw_update_location_failed’ instead of ‘gmw_udpate_location_failed’. ( thanks to @themylogin ).
  • Fix: geocoding of coordinates doesn’t work properly when changing the value of the coordinates in the location form. The location form will geocode the address field instead of the coordinates.
  • Fix: form ID value is missing from the data-id attribute of the search results template files due to missing each.
  • Fix: issue with DB not being generated on MYSQL older than 5.6 because of CURRENT_TIMESTAMP.
  • Fix: a workaround to fix an issue with some themes where incorrect $post object passes to the location form on the Edit Post page of the admin.
  • Fix: deprecated filter ‘gmw_pt_’ . $args[‘usage’] . ‘_taxonomy_args doesn’t return the modified value.
  • Fix: incorrectly using add_action instead of do_action with the ‘gmw_locations_importer_done’ action.
  • Tweak: modify the Members Locator search form xProfile fields feature to work with the new BP xProfile Custom Field Types by BuddyDev. The xProfile Custom Field Type plugin by @donmik is deprecated and is no longer supported.
  • Tweak: modify the order-by distance clause to accept multiple order-by items in the query.
  • Tweak: correct misspelled filters. deprecate all filters that begins with ‘gmw_search_forms’ and replace with ‘gmw_search_form’. Old filters are still there but will be removed in the future.
  • Tweak: new ‘link_only’ argument added to the function get_directions_link() to return the Google Maps link only.
  • Tweak: add user login status to GEO my WP cache args.
  • Tweak: add ‘radius’ column to the locations DB table to be used with future extensions.
  • Tweak: modify the search form taxonomy function. Move the wrapping element from the function ‘gmw_get_search_form_taxonomies()’ to the function ‘gmw_search_form_taxonomies()’ to have more control over the styling when needed.
  • Tweak: new $wrapper argument added to the gmw_search_form_taxonomies() function to allow disabling the taxonomies main wrapper DIV element.
  • Filter: ‘gmw_get_directions_link_output’ to modify the get_directions link output.
  • Filter: ‘gmw_get_location_address_fields’ to modify the address field before output.
  • Filter: ‘gmw_importer_args’ to modify some of the arguments of GEO my WP importer.
  • Filter: ‘gmw_auto_locator_alerts_enabled’ to display auto locator failed messages in console instead of alert messages.


  • Note that version 3.2 was a major release. If you are updating from an earlier version, then backing up your site and/or testing this version on a staging environment first is recommended. See the changelog of version 3.2 for more details before updating.
  • ——————————–
  • Compatible with WordPress 5.1
  • Fix: add wp_reset_postdata(); to reset GEO my WP queries and prevent issues such as post comments showing after the results.
  • Fix: pagination issue when form is on the front-page.
  • Enhancement: improve the gmw_get_post_featured_image() function.
  • Enhancement: add indexes to the locations table to improve search queries performance.
  • Tweak: add ‘skip-lazy’ class for info-window images to prevent conflict with image-lazy plugins.
  • Tweak: use gmw_get_post_featured_image() instead of get_the_post_thumbnail() function throughout the plugin.
  • Tweak: pass additional data to the map location.
  • Function: gmw_is_location_exists( $id ) to check if location exists using location ID.
  • Tweak: ‘gmw_verify_license_keys’ transient expiration is now 3 days instead of 1 day.
  • Tweak: when verifying licenses, modify the function that gets the add-on data so it could be used with a stand-alone plugin without getting a fatal error of gmw_get_addon_data() when GEO my WP is not installed.
  • Tweak: save geocoded data in a transient for 7 days only instead of 365 to reduce transients.
  • Tweak: exclude non-GEO my WP extensions from the Extensions page.
  • Tweak: reduce cache expiration.
  • Tweak: disable internal cache for gmw_get_the_terms() to reduce transients.
  • Tweak: remove the ‘post_title’ from the orderly to improve the SQL query.
  • Tweak: remove where clause of coordinates to improve the SQL query.
  • Tweak: use the current time in the ‘created’ and ‘updated’ columns of the default locations table values.
  • Function: GMW_Location::get_format() function to get the format of the table instead of using static variable.
  • Filter: ‘gmw_locations_table_default_format’ to modify the table format.

  • Note that version 3.2 was a major release. If you are updating from an earlier version, then backing up your site and/or testing this version on a staging environment first is recommended. See the changelog of version 3.2 for more details before updating.
  • ——————————–
  • Fix: enable GEO my WP debugging only when WP_DEBUG is set too true.
  • Fix: verify that member data exists during members query to prevent error messages.
  • Fix: use a higher hook priority for the ‘modify_members_query_clauses’ function to allow other plugins to modify the members’ query clauses before GEO my WP search query does.
  • Fix: clear GEO my WP’s internal cache when a member updates his profile page or his visibility settings ( using BuddyPress Profile Visibility Manager plugin ).
  • Enhancement: WordPress coding standards.

  • Note that version 3.2 was a major release. If you are updating from an earlier version, then backing up your site and/or testing this version on a staging environment first is recommended. See the changelog of version 3.2 for more details before updating.
  • ——————————–
  • Fix: link to API testing page.
  • Fix: post featured image doesn’t work properly.
  • Fix: use gmw_trigger_error() function does not show the file name and line number of the actual error.
  • Fix: fatal error caused by a misspelled function name.
  • Fix: GEO my WP won’t check for new updates. Wrong DB option was being used to check if the updater is enabled.
  • Filter: filter to exclude specific extensions from GEO my WP Extensions page.
  • Enhancement: WordPress coding standards.


  • Version 3.2 is a major release. Backing up your site and/or testing this version on a staging environment first is recommended. Please see GEO my WP 3.2 for more details.

  • Version 3.1 was a major release. Read this post GEO my WP 3.1 before updating.

  • Version 3.0 was a major release. If you are updating from a version earlier than 3.0, it is highly recommended that you read the posts GEO my WP 3.0 Beta 7 and GEO my WP Upgrade Process before updating. You should also test this version on a staging environment before updating on your live site.

  • ——————————–
  • New: GEO my WP now requires 2 Google Maps API keys ( when using Google Maps as the maps provider ); A server and a browser API keys. Please read the post GEO my WP 3.2 for more details regarding the Server API key and how to generate it.
  • New: New setting input field for Google Maps Server API key. Please visit GEO my WP’s Settings page in the dashboard of your site after the update.
  • New: a testing tool for Google Maps Server API added to the Tools page. The tool will test if the Google Maps Server API key is working properly.
  • New: show debug message when geocoder fails.
  • New: API Testing tab added to tools page.
  • New: function GMW_Maps_API::load_scripts() to load the map scripts manually on page load, without the need of the search form or search results to load first.
  • Update: update chosen library to v1.8.7.
  • Improvement: improve the Members Locator proximity search query. The plugin now modifies the BuddyPress members’ query directly instead of running a separate location query in addition to the members’ query. This should improve performance and make it easier to modify the query.
  • Improvement: Geocoder classes were improved and work better with the new server key.
  • Tweak: improve the location form. New arguments added.
  • Tweak: Many location functions were modified to retrieve data based on specific location ID. This can be used when an object has multiple locations.
  • Tweak: load the member location tab using the bp_setup_nav hook to make it possible to modify it using plugins.
  • Tweak: close user’s location info-window when a new window opens.
  • Tweak: set region and language in default args to make it possible to modify it.
  • Tweak: verify that blog ID exists before using it in the query to prevent warning messages.
  • Tweak: apply min-height to multi-select box type Xprofile Fields.
  • Tweak: allow HTML tags in admin and form settings description.
  • Tweak: Make sure coordinates are in float formate before saving to the database.
  • Tweak: save the post title as location name if none provided.
  • Tweak: add premise DB column to the search queries.
  • Tweak: update dashboard links to the new documentation site.
  • Filter: ëgmw_geocoder_endpoint_argsí to modify the geocoder endpoint args.
  • Filter: ëgmw_geocoded_location_outputí to modify the geocoder location output.
  • Filter: ëgmw_form_db_fieldsí filter to modify the db_fields of a search query.
  • Hooks: new filter ‘gmw_get_location_address_allowed_html’ to allow HTML in the address output.
  • Hooks: new filter to modify the content of the gmw excerpt function before the more link is added to it.
  • Hooks: new action hooks before and after form fields.
  • Fix: parseint() icons size to prevent error with info-windows.
  • Fix: directions system doesn’t work.
  • Fix: some search queries get locations that belong different object type.
  • Fix: clear user query cache when friendship status changes to allow friendship status to update in GEO my WP results.
  • Fix: remove extra spaces from the address field before it is being geocoded to prevent geocoding issues.
  • Fix: default language in Google map direction link.
  • Fix: issue with the default coordinates of the directions link.
  • Fix: wrong text domain in some places.
  • Fix: Spelling.
  • Fix: trim radius values in the dropdown to prevent extra spaces.
  • Fix: location form tabs don’t work/switch properly.
  • Fix: remove some Interaction states and other jQuery styling which are no longer needed and cause for conflicts.
  • Fix: Issue with Buddypress Xprofile Custom Fields Type plugin’s fields.
  • Fix: issue with the temporary fix for the post status issue.
  • Fix: use empty() instead of false to verify the address in the search results and prevent it from returning blank.
  • Fix: move the ‘region’ argument to the beginning of google maps URL to prevent the ‘Æion’ rendering issue which results in failed geocoding.
  • Fix: Location form map won’t update when changing the address or coordinates if the map marker was previously dragged.
  • Fix: linked address does not work properly.
  • Fix: Verify that the location form values exist when the form first loads to prevent error messages.
  • Fix: location is not being verified when retrieved using the locator button of the location form.
  • Fix: update location in the cache when location updated.
  • Fix: misspelled variable.
  • Japanese translation by Shinsaku IKEDA ( Thank you ).
  • Various improvements, new functions, bugs fix, filters, and deprecated functions.


  • Version 3.1 is a major release. Read this post GEO my WP 3.1 before updating.

  • Version 3.0 is a major release. If you are updating from a version earlier than 3.0, it is highly recommended that you read the posts GEO my WP 3.0 Beta 7 and GEO my WP Upgrade Process before updating. You should also test this version on a staging environment before updating on your live site.

  • ——————————–
  • New: GEO my WP now support LeafLet and OpenStreetMaps.
  • New: Choose between LeafLet or Google Maps as the maps provider.
  • New: settings for maps providers in GEO my WP Settings page.
  • New: settings for LeafLet maps provider.
  • New: Geocoder class that can be extended to support multiple geocoding providers.
  • Fix: cannot publish a post when a location is not provided.
  • Fix: add xprofile fields to $output instead of echoing it.
  • Fix: issue when ordering members locator results by newest or active.
  • Fix: Single Location extension doesn’t load during AJAX calls.
  • Fix: Load deprecated function on both front and back end to prevent fatal errors.
  • Fix: JavaScript gmGetCookie() function error.
  • Fix: Excerpt not showing in info-window and search results.
  • Fix: enqueue the main script in Current Location file in case it was not already loaded.
  • Fix: prevent warnings when settings values do not exist in widgets.
  • Fix: current location cookies are not updated properly.
  • Tweak: Google Maps API key input box moved under the new Maps & Geocoder tab in the Settings page.
  • Tweak: add additional user fields to gmw_get_user_location_data() function.
  • Tweak: region_code and country_name fields added to the search queries.
  • Tweak: geocoder file is now included by default.
  • Tweak: New filters in get_locations_data() function.
  • Styling: Update per-page and pagination styling in GEO my WP search results template files.
  • Text: update address field option description in Current Location widget.
  • Enhancement: update core to support PHP v5.4+.
  • Enhancement: HTTP and client-side geocoders can be extended to use multiple providers.
  • Enhancement: follow coding standards.
  • Enhancement: update default map icons, which are now included in the images folder of the plugin instead of called remotely.
  • Enhancement: Directions function can now be extended to work with different providers.
  • Enhancement: [gmw_location_fields] shortcode and gmw_get_location_fields() function now support both address fields and location meta.


  • Version 3.0 is a major release. If you are updating from a version earlier than 3.0, it is highly recommended that you read the posts GEO my WP 3.0 Beta 7 and GEO my WP Upgrade Process before updating. You should also test this version on a staging environment before updating on your live site.

  • Fix: Location section in Edit Post page error. JS error caused by missing $ in ready() function.

  • Fix: delete_cookie function JS error.
  • New: clear location button for Current Location widget/shortcode.
  • Filter: new JS filter ëgmw_search_form_address_pre_geocodingí to modify the address before it is geocoded.
  • Tweak: Use include_once instead of include for some files to prevent errors.
  • Tweak: Use array() instead of [] to support PHP 5.3.x.
    Enhancement: order posts by distance then by post title. When posts have the same exact location, they will then be ordered by the post title.
  • Enhancement: coding standards.
  • Additional minor bugs fix.


  • Version 3.0 is a major release. If you are updating from a version earlier than 3.0, it is highly recommended that you read the posts GEO my WP 3.0 Beta 7 and GEO my WP Upgrade Process before updating. You should also test this version on a staging environment before updating on your live site.

  • Fix: remove support for deprecated folder names which has caused many issues. Display admin notice regarding the new folders names instead.

  • Fix: clientSideGeocoder Javascript variable undefined error.
  • Fix: Issue where a post will not change to “published” from “Pending” status on some browsers.
  • Deprecated: Add missing [gmw_user_info] deprecated shortcode. Belongs to WP Users Locator extension.
  • Tweak: Load posts locator location form file in “new” or “edit” post page only.
  • Tweak: verify user_id in location default values to make sure it is not 0.
  • Tweak: enqueue location form scripts and styles in the footer.
  • Tweak: add back missing sweet-date search results template file.
  • Style: location form messages flat styling.
  • Filter: ‘gmw_geocoder_raw_data’ to modify raw_address before geocoding takes place.
  • Filter: ‘gmw_location_form_default_location’ to modify the default location in the location form.
  • Dev: new “preserve_submitted_values” argument in location form to preserve the submitted values after page load.


  • Version 3.0 is a major release. If you are updating from a version earlier than 3.0, it is highly recommended that you read the posts GEO my WP 3.0 Beta 7 and GEO my WP Upgrade Process before updating. You should also test this version on a staging environment before updating on your live site.

  • Fix: use $wpdb->base_prefix instead of $wpdb->prefix when getting single post location.

  • Fix: single user location data does not return properly ( mainly when in multisite ). Now using $wpdb->* prefix instead of to $wpdb->base_prefix.
  • Fix: remove PHP warnings.
  • Fix: plugin’s geocoder does not cache geocoded data properly.
  • Fix: Address autocomplete generates JS error.
  • Tweak: client-side geocoder is now enabled by default and can be disabled using the filter ‘gmw_client_side_geocoder_enabled’.
  • Tweak: enable plugins updater on plugin activation/update.
  • Tweak: flush internal cache on plugin activation/update.
  • Tweak: Remove the client-side Geocoder option from the settings page. It is now enabled by default.
  • Enhancement: support deprecated custom templates folder names.
  • Enhancement: coding standards.
  • Function: GMW_Cache_Helper::flush_all() to flush all internal object locations.
  • Security: add defined( ‘ABSPATH’ ) to beginning of file.


  • Version 3.0 is a major release. If you are updating from a version earlier than 3.0, it is highly recommended that you read the posts GEO my WP 3.0 Beta 7 and GEO my WP Upgrade Process before updating. You should also test this version on a staging environment before updating on your live site.

  • Fix: Some filters load too early.

  • Fix: include GEO my WP cache helper file by default.
  • Fix: results do not show on page load when using the search_results shortcode.
  • Fix: pass results page permalink to the deprecated variable to support custom search form template files that were created previously to Geo my WP 3.0.
  • Fix: [gmw_post_info] deprecated shortcode doesn’t display location meta. Use [gmw_location_fields] instead.
  • Fix: days & hours deprecated function wonít display data.
  • Fix: added days & hours location meta to the v3 importer.
  • Fix: In Sweet-date Geolocation load search query hook just before the members’ loop, to be able to override sweet-date search query.
  • Fix: Sweet-date Geolocation order by distance doesnít work properly.
  • Fix: change meta_key in the location_meta table from varchar(255) to varchar(191) to prevent errors in some environments.
  • Fix: internal cache rand() number too big on some OS and results in fatal error.
  • Fix: Update text domain in some files.
  • Fix: Users v3 importer error when street_number and street_name columns are missing from the database table.
  • Fix: v3 importer generate Javascript error that prevents the importer from working.
  • Fix: Replace wp_doing_ajax function with defined( ëDOING_AJAXí ) to support earlier version of WordPress.
  • Fix: Various typos.
  • Function: gmw_get_location_meta_values() to output specific location meta fields based on object type and object ID.
  • Shortcode: [gmw_location_fields] to output specific address or location meta fields.
  • New gmw_get_post_location_fields() function and [gmw_post_location_fields] shortcode, to output specific address or location meta fields of a pots.
  • Enhancement: Choose between post_content and post_excerpt to use as an excerpt in search results.
  • Tweak: Use the ìthe_contentî filter in excerpt by default. This Can be changed to use ëwpautopí, using a filter, if there is a conflict.
  • Tweak: Load some deprecated functions in frontend only to prevent errors in the backend.
  • Tweak: Remove Members Locator tab on Import/export page. It is not being used at the moment.
  • Styling: Adjust form editor width.
  • Filter: new filter ‘gmw_search_forms_submit_button_args’ to modify submit button args.
  • Filter: new Javascript action hook – ígmw_map_markers_loop_single_markerí.
  • Filter: new Javascript filter – ëgmw_standard_info_window_optionsí
  • New: option to select the post content or post excerpt as the excerpt in the list of results.


  • Version 3.0 is a major release. It is highly recommended that you read the posts GEO my WP 3.0 Beta 7 and GEO my WP Upgrade Process before updating. You should also test this version on a staging environment before updating on your live site.

  • Fix: plugin will not check for a new update of extensions that are not compatible with GEO my WP v3.0 when v3.0 is installed.

  • Fix: Temporary bring back license key input text box to the plugins page of the admin to make it easier to update extensions that are not yet compatible with GEO my WP 3.0.

  • Fix: Some deprecated functions cause fatal errors.


Version 3.0 is a major release. It is highly recommended that you read this post before updating. You should also test this version on a staging environment before updating on your live site.


  • Fix: Remove PHP warning due to non-existing post type.
  • Fix: Xprofile fields will show results when not all fields match users. Acting more like an OR rather than AND query.
  • Security: Security patches added to Xprofile fields functions.
  • Improvement: Improved Xprofile fields form and queries functions.
  • Tweak: add chosen support for ‘gmw-chosen’ class when chosen exists ( to be used with premium features ).
  • Tweak: Added taxonomy label name to the “All” option ( ex “All categories” ).
  • Tweak: Removed custom script from the “horizontal-gray” post types search form template file that adds the taxonomy name to the “All” option of the taxonomies dropdown. It is now the plugin’s default.
  • New feature/class: GEO_my_WP_Cache_Helper class ( based a class taken from WP Job Manager plugin by Mike Jolly. Thank you! ). The class will help to cache “expensive” database queries such as terms, taxonomies, search results and more in transient to improve the plugin’s performance.
  • New feature/class: GEO_my_WP_Installer to do some actions during activation and updates of the plugins.
  • New filter: ‘gmw_fl_xprofile_form_default_value’ allow to set default values to form Xprofile fields.
  • New filter: ‘gmw_fl_xprofile_form_dropdown_option_all’ allows to modify the “All” option of an Xprofile fields dropdown.
  • New Filter: ‘gmw_fl_xprofile_query_default_value’ allows to set a default values for Xprofile field directly in the search query.
  • New filter: ‘gmw_pt_show_tax_label’ allows to disable the taxonomy label.

  • Compatible with WordPress 4.2.4
  • Fix: Members Locator search results ordered Alphabetically instead of by distance.
  • Fix: Unable to activate/deactivate Posts Locator add-on when site language is different than English.
  • Fix: locator button disappear when clicked.
  • Fix: load text domain properly using the plugin_loaded hook.
  • Fix: Remove line break in the script to prevent code from “breaking”.
  • Tweak: admin pages title modified ( GEO my WP was removed from titles ).
  • Tweak: pass $tax and $values arguments to gmw_pt_get_form_taxonomies filter.
  • Tweak: Save url_px value in gmw_settings.
  • Tweak: temporary set ‘show_users_without_location’ filter to false by default which means that members without location won’t be displayed in search results. There are issues with the no location members query and once fixed it will be set back to true by default. It is possible to enable it using add_filter( ‘show_users_without_location’, ‘_return__true’ );.
  • New filter: ‘gmw_fl_xprofile_field_label’ allows to modify the Xprofile Fields label of Members Locator search form.
  • New filter: Modify the $_GET parameters before form is being generated in the front end.
  • Update language files.


  • This is a major update. Please click here to see full version change-log before updating.


  • This is a major update. Please click here to see full version change-log before updating.


  • Improved: Premium Auto-updating system. Better check on when to run the system.
  • New: Ability to disable the Premium auto-updating system. Can be used when working on a development site or when working often in the admin dashboard. Temporary disabling the system will prevent the slow load of the plugins/update pages (admin) caused by the system. The check-box responsible for the feature can be found under GEO my WP -> Settings -> Admin Settings tab.
  • Fix: warning shows in “Edit Post” page when no post types selected in the General Settings of GEO my WP.
  • Update: language files


  • Fix: Locator button disappeared when clicked.
  • Fix: Info-window won’t open if additional information is disabled
  • Fix: [gmw_single_location] shortcode breaks theme due to a missing closing tag
  • Fix: Horizontal search form hidden checkboxes


  • Full version change-log can be found here


  • Fix: Country code was not working with Google API
  • Fix: Issues with Sweet-Date integration – Order by “alphabetical” and friends only tab was not working.
  • Improvement: Location form in Member Locator “Location” Tab.
  • Improvement: GEO my WP section in New Post page ( admin dashboard )
  • New feature: Support for Google Places.
  • New feature: language support for Google Maps and Google Places-
  • Clean main Stylesheets
  • Other minor bugs fix

  • Compatible with WordPress 3.9
  • Compatible with BuddyPress 2.0
  • Fix: issue with Sweet-date Child theme.
  • Fix issue where the map will not show when displaying only “Friends” in the Members page of Sweet-date Theme.


  • if this is the first time you are updating to GEO my WP 2.4 it is very important that you read the update details before updating. Please refer to this post to read about this update and about the updating progress.

  • Compatible with WordPress version 3.8.3

  • Modify the way GEO my WP geocodes an address when the form is being submitted – Switched back from using JavaScript to XML. The geocode function had been improved to cache results. Means that when the same address is entered it will not be geocoded again but will be used from cached when available. Geocoded results are being cached for 3 months. This will result in faster page load and less API usage. The new geocode function can be found in the file geo-my-wp.php and can be used and called as GEO_my_WP::geocoder( $address ). The old geocode function can be still found in the file geo-my-wp-geocode.php but will be removed in one of the next updates of the plugin. So please update any custom code you might have which uses the old geocode function.
  • Fix: Sweet-date integration should now work with child themes as well.
  • Added default settings to newly created forms.
  • Improved “No results” function.
  • New filter added – apply_filters( ‘gmw_radius_dropdown_title’, $title, $gmw ) – which allows you to modify the default title that will be displayed in the radius dropdown box.
  • Modified radius dropdown output filter from apply_filters( ‘gmw_search_form_radius_field’, $output, $gmw, $class, $btitle, $stitle ) to apply_filters( ‘gmw_radius_dropdown_output’, $output, $gmw, $class );
  • Modified Activity message when BuddyPress Member updates his location.
  • Modified Members Locator “No Results” function
  • Remove hardcoded width from Data input field (Members Locator search form)
  • An improved structure of search forms and search results Stylesheet
  • Added missing space when displaying taxonomies in search results
  • Improve “Gray” search forms and results template files.
  • New, responsive search form and results templates: Purple for “Posts Locator” and “Yellow” for “Members locatorî.


  • if this is the first time you are updating to GEO my WP 2.4 it is very important that you read the update details before updating. Please refer to this post to read about this update and about the updating progress.

  • version 2.4.1 changes:

  • Fix: Add-ons page styling: fix activation button is out of the box
  • Fix: Javascript Error when submitting a search form
  • Fix: Radius and units “broken” elements
  • New: Filter ‘gmw_pt_results_taxonomy’ ( gmw-pt-search-function.php line 407 ) allows you to manipulate the way the taxonomies will be displayed in results.


  • This is a major update. It is very important that you read the update details before updating. Please refer to this post to read about this update and about the updating progress.


  • fix: issue cause Google API load to fail over HTTPS ( fix provided by Chris thank you)
  • added mailto link to email address fields of posts in search results
  • [gmw_single_location] – can now be used in the loop to display the location of each post in the loop
  • [gmw_single_location] – replaced show_info attribute with additional_info. you can now pass the additional fields that will be displayed. ex [gmw_single_location additional_info=”address,phone,fax,email,website”] pass the value 0 if you want to hide the additional info.
  • fix: small issue with a form showing results on the same page when should be in another page
  • fix: Issue with Member location widget displaying “no location” message even when set to do otherwise
  • Localization text
  • German translation – Provided by Frank Winter – thank you!


  • New, Improved GMW location section in admin’s new/edit post page
  • Database: Modify GMW DB tables – lat/long column change from varchar to float for better performance
  • Database: GMW friends locator table – remove all deleted users from table
  • remove INNER JOIN from members query
  • Added function – delete the user from GMW table when user being deleted from WordPress
  • Fix: Single location shortcode/widget – Now Directions link and additional information can be hidden
  • New “Icon drop animation” setting in the shortcode.
  • Better Geocoding using javascript when submitting a form
  • Feature: Choose to make address fields mandatory.
  • Improved queries
  • Improved locator icon performance and display


  • Fix: Removed textarea type Xprofile field when choosing the profile fields in the search form
  • Fix: Removed special characters from Xprofile fields name in the search forms which caused issues with URLs
  • Fix: Add member count for BuddyPress results page
  • map-icon folder was removed
  • removed filter gmw_pt_query_meta_args which filters meta_args before wp_query and added gmw_pt_query_args filter instead which let modify the entire wp_query args


  • Minor fix – Add-ons Updater System


This is a major update with many bug fixes, core modification and improvements, new features and more. Please make sure to back up your current version before updating to the new one.
After updating you will need to go over the settings page and re-save your settings as well as the search forms as many things have changed.

Please visit for more information before updating your plugin
Below are some of the major changes in this version:

  • Core modification – The code reduced drastically, It is much cleaner, performs better, many functions are documented, the number of files and folders had been reduced and more organized.
  • Admin – styling improved, better search forms page, tooltips and more…
  • Search queries – The main search queries are now working directly with WordPress query (WP_query) and BuddyPress query ( BP_User_Query) which should be better for performance and will be much easier to modify the plugin to work with every theme. Now you can simply copy and paste the WordPress posts loop from the theme that you are using into the result.php page of the plugin in order to have the results page matching your theme.
  • Stand-alone search form – the search form moved into its own template file, just like the results theme. Now you can have full control over the look and functionality of the search form and the results.
  • Improved widgets and shortcodes.
  • Warnings removed.
  • New, improved pagination – new buttons, new look and fix the issue where it shows infinite pagination buttons when having many results.
  • Per page value – using a drop-down box you ( or the users of your site ) can now change the “per page” value live when viewing the results.
  • There is no more use for the “form_only” attribute when using gmw shortcode. In order to have the results showing in a different page, you will have to select the results page in the shortcode setting.
  • localization – GEO my WP is now ready to be translated. There are no translated files ready yet but a default PO file is in geo-my-wp/languages. the plugin is also ready to be used with a right to left languages. Please, if any of you get to translate GEO my WP it will be much appreciated if you’ll share the PO and mo files so others will be able to use it as well.
  • There is no more use for the shortcode [gmw_friends_results]. [gmw_results] will now serve as a results page for both posts and BuddyPress members.
  • Styling – I have modified and removed most of the CSS styling from the plugin. So if you had any custom styling you will probably lose it and will have to adapt it again.
  • Renamed Files and folders
  • Shortcodes name changed from “wppl” to “gmw”:
    • main shortcode – [gmw]
      • results – [gmw_results]
      • current location – [gmw_current_location]
      • single location – [gmw_single_location]
      • single member – [gmw_member_location]
  • Settings in the “search form shortcodes” and other shortcodes changed as well. Now you can set the “Width” and “Height” of the maps to either pixels or percentage. in the “search form shortcodes”settings and in the “single location” and “single member” shortcodes. for example: [gmw_single_location width=”100%” height=”200px”] .


  • This is a major update – most of the core code has improved for better performance, security issues, and many bug fix.
  • Works with WordPress 3.5.
  • SQL queries are now more secure and were modified for better performance.
  • “User Current location” widget/shortcode were improved – better looking and better performance. Few bugs were fixed as well.
  • Locator and cookies were improved and now working better when trying to locate a user and when saving the information via cookies. Modified to work better with different languages and fixed issues with special characters.
  • BuddyPress – “location” tab modified – looking better and easier to work with.
  • Geocode function improved when geocoding and saving information via the database.
  • fix issues when using WordPress multisite – now can be used when multisite activated and a bug fixed where the addressed field will not show in the New/Edit post page.
  • Now can choose the locator icon for each search form in the shortcode settings.
  • “member’s location widget” – Improved and bug fixes.
  • backend – visually improved.
  • widgets names were changed from WPPL to GMW.
  • Javascript/jQuery – improved in the backend and the front end.
  • Files and folders better organized.
  • Map, markers and info windows – visually improved as well as performance.


  • Fixed bug with Buddypress’ “Location” tab styling


  • Bug fix – Fixed locator icon being displayed even when a checkbox is unchecked
  • Bug fix – Fixed Buddypress’ issue where profile fields would not display in the search form.
  • Bug fix – Loading icon hold and location would not update for user enter his location in the location tab
  • Bug fix – Buddypress’ search result display deleted users.


  • Bugs fix.
  • Memory issues.
  • New shortcode to display BuddyPress member’s location anywhere within a template page.
  • New widget to display BuddyPress member’s location in the sidebar


  • Fix issue with “User location” shortcode/widget not getting the right location.
  • Fix “undefined function” error when “Friends Connection” component (buddypress settings) is unchecked.
  • Fix avatar width/height in shortcode issue.


  • initial release of GEO my WP – the upgraded version of WordPress places locator
  • Improvement of the backend.
  • Now works with BuddyPress. let members add their location and look for other members near them.
  • Theme color.
  • Turn on/off auto locator.
  • Now you can add your own locator icon.
  • Much cleaner styling.
  • Various bug fix.
  • Code improvement.
  • Better performance.
  • Various new settings


  • Works with WordPress 3.4.1
  • Back end improvement – 5 options to choose from when adding a location.
  • back end – improved code and performance.
  • Autolocator feature – finds user’s current location.
  • User’s location widget and shortcode to display user’s current location.
  • Choose between miles, kilometer or both when creating search form shortcode.
  • To display results – Choose between Post only, map only or both when creating search form shortcode.
  • Use your Google API key.
  • Enter your region.
  • Enter number of words for the excerpt.
  • Choose an icon for the auto locator.
  • Single location map – now display additional information below the map and info window on marker click.
  • Much cleaner code for better performance.
  • New results styling.
  • Thickbox effect on feature image click in results.


  • bug fix – pagination will not work when updating to WordPress 3.4
  • bug fix – posts that have two categories from the same taxonomy assigned to it will not show in search results.
  • bug fix – fix a problem where search form will always show in the top of the page.
  • CSS fix
  • code improvement – better code for filtering taxonomies.
  • Added Feature – Now you can use Latitude/longitude instead of address when creating/updating a post
  • Added Feature – If no address entered in the input field the plugin will display all posts ordered by the title.


  • Bug fix – Form id value is not being saved and doesn’t show in the widget when first creating a shortcode
  • Bug fix – widget redirects to the main site when plugin installed in sub-site.


  • Code improvement.
  • Widget – display a search form in the sidebar.
  • Option added – Auto zoom level. will fit all markers on the map.
  • option added – custom Zoom level (when not auto zoom).


  • Bug fix where new meta boxes were not updating correctly.
  • pagination display improved.


  • Multisite bug fix – now works for each blog on WP Multisite.
  • Two styling added to choose from “default” and “blue” for each shortcode, and more to come.
  • Styling for Google maps’ info window.
  • Meta boxes added – phone, fax, email address, website address.
  • shortcode options added – show/hide feature image and show/hide excerpt.


  • Bug fix – renamed address’s $meta_boxe


  • Bug fix
  • Admin page improvements
  • Shortcode to display a map of a single location on a single page template


  • Bug fix.
  • Map types added: ROADMAP, SATELLITE, HYBRID, and TERRAIN.
  • Change post types and taxonomies slug to names in the setting page.


  • Initial release