rtMedia for WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress


rtMedia is the only complete media solution for WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress, and is WordPress.com VIP compatible.

Built with a mobile-first approach, it works on mobile/tablet devices (like iPhone/iPad, Android).

Live Demos

If you’re in a hurry, you can skip the long list of features in subsequent sections and just explore live demos!

Video Tour

Since rtMedia has many features video doesn’t include all features:

rtMedia Features

  1. WordPress Integration – Display media on WordPress author pages ( eg: http://demo.rtmedia.io/author/admin/media/ )
  2. BuddyPress Integration – Find a new media tab under BuddyPress Profiles & Groups.
  3. BuddyPress Activity Stream – Attach media to activity status updates just like Facebook.
  4. Albums – Organise media into manageable collections. BuddyPress Group albums support collaboration.
  5. Responsive – Album Slideshow (Lightbox), video player, uploads work on mobiles & tablets. Support for swipe guestures.
  6. Privacy – Control who can see media files, albums and BuddyPress activities.
  7. Templating system – Completely customise rtMedia by modifying the template files. Just copy over the template folder to your theme.
  8. Featured Media – This can be used for facebook-style cover photo on profiles.
  9. rtMedia Uploader – Use [rtmedia_uploader] shortcode or <?php rtmedia_uploader() ?> template tag, to show drag-n-drop uploader in any WordPress area (post, page, custom-post, etc).
  10. rtMedia Gallery – Display media gallery anywhere on your site using [rtmedia_gallery] shortcode or <?php rtmedia_gallery ?> template tag.
  11. Upload-Terms – This feature is useful to set terms of services page on website during user upload media on website.

Audio/Video Conversion

rtMedia has a premium solution to take care of audio/video conversion.

rtMedia Premium Features

  1. Instagram-Effects – Users can apply Instagram like filters to photos.
  2. Photo-Tagging – Users can tag their friends/other users in photos.
  3. Photo-Watermark – rtMedia Photo Watermark feature let you watermarked or copyright your uploaded photos.)
  4. Membership – It provides membership functionality in your site.
  5. Social-Sync – It allows you to import media from your Facebook account.
  6. myCRED-Points – It allows you to integrate rtMedia with myCRED and award virtual points for various rtMedia activities, like media upload, likes, deleted, albums creation, playlist, etc.
  7. Playlists – This feature is used to create a playlist for uploaded music file with rtMedia.
  8. Favorites – This feature allows users to create their own list of favorite media.
  9. Moderation – This feature is for reporting media if user find offensive.
  10. Custom-Attributes – This feature is for categorizing media using attributes defined by site owner when uploading.
  11. Docs-and-Other-files – This feature allows uploading for doc, pdf and other file types such as zip, tar, etc.
  12. Default-Albums – This feature allows the creation of multiple default albums for rtMedia uploads.
  13. Podcast-Feed – Read rtMedia uploads from iTunes as well as any RSS feed-reader/podcasting software.
  14. Restrictions – Site admin can set limits in terms of total size & file count.
  15. bbPress-Attachments – Attach media files to bbPress forum topics and replies.
  16. WordPress-Sitewide-Gallery – Site admin can create and upload media into WordPress album.
  17. WordPress-Comment-Attachments – Allow users to upload a media file in WordPress comment attachment box.
  18. Social-Sharing – Share uploaded media on social network sites like Facebook, twitter, linkedin, Google+. This addon integrate with rtSocial plugin.
  19. Sidebar-Widgets – This feature provide widgets to upload media and display gallery for rtMedia plugin.
  20. 5-Star-Ratings – User can rate the media files from 1 to 5 star.
  21. Edit-Mp3-Info-(ID3 Tags) – Allow user to edit MP3 FIle Audio tags (ID 3 tags).
  22. Sorting – Sort uploaded media based on file size, ascending/descending title, upload date of media.
  23. Bulk-Edit – Allow users to move files from one album to another, change attributes, change privacy, delete files in bulk.
  24. BuddyPress-Profile-Picture – Allow users to set their profile picture from existing uploaded media file.
  25. Album-Cover-Art – Allow users to set album cover from uploaded image.
  26. Direct-Download-Link – This feature provide a download button for all the uploaded media.
  27. Upload-by-URL – Allow users to upload media using absolute URL.
  28. Likes – This feature let you know who liked media. User can also see which media file he/she liked under user profile.
  29. Activity-URL-Preview – This feature provides a preview of the URL that is shared and shows up on BuddyPress activity.
  30. View-Counter – Enable view count for all the uploaded media.
  31. Shortcode-Generator – The shortcode generator button added in WordPress post and page editor for all the rtMedia shortcodes.
  32. Album-Privacy – Set album privacy when user create new albums or edit album.
  33. BuddyPress-Group-Media-Control – Allow group owner to provide media upload feature for their group.
  34. Set-Custom-Thumbnail-for-Audio/Video – Allow media owner to change the thumbnail of uploaded audio/video files.
  35. rtMedia-SEO – Generate XML sitemap of all the public media files uploaded via rtMedia plugin, also compatible with Yoast-SEO plugin if you are already using on your site.

Important Links


  • Henry Wright has kindly sponsored the Featured Media feature.
  • 优素映像 (Yousu Image) has sponsored the latest Like feature which doesn’t depend on BuddyPress, any more.
  • Richard Ellis has sponsored the profile picture along with the link back to the profile in the media pop ups.


rtMedia includes full translation support. Head over to the translation project to contribute your translations. If you don’t see the language of your choice, let us know in the support forum, we’ll add it.

(Note: Credits are given for translations that are at least 50% complete.)


rtMedia uses the following projects/sources for some functionality


  • Display Settings
  • BuddyPress Settings
  • Media Types Settings
  • Media Size Settings
  • Privacy Settings
  • Other Setiings
  • Export/Import Settings
  • Media View
  • Album View
  • Uploader
  • Uploader Thumbnails
  • Lightbox
  • Single Media View
  • Media Edit View


  • Install the plugin from the ‘Plugins’ section in your dashboard (Go to Plugins > Add New > Search and search for rtMedia).
  • Alternatively, you can download the plugin from the repository. Unzip it and upload it to the plugins folder of your WordPress installation (wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation).
  • Activate it through the ‘Plugins’ section.


Please visit rtMedia’s FAQ page.

Read rtMedia Documentation


June 17, 2024
It’s impossible to get in touch with their support. I’ve tried creating a user on their site in order to write a ticket, but when I register, I don’t get a confirmation mail at all – this is their only support they offer and if you can’t even get access to their support platform it’s useless.Also not compatible with a lot of the other BuddyPress plugins out there which is a shame!
November 22, 2023 3 replies
The plugin does nothing literally! No upload button is showing after activating the plugin. Whatever you do on backend settings and even with your code trying to integrate the upload feature, you’ll get no result. Seems the plugin needs your subscription for any functions it might does, that costs from 500$/year.
March 15, 2023 1 reply
Looks like they have abandoned the plugin. It doesn’t work with default BuddyPress. It’s activated but appears then is gone for good. Only BuddyPress and this plugin activated under default themes. Sad, this plugin seem to have potential. Severely disappointed.
February 10, 2022 1 reply
Many compatibility issues and PHP errors. With purchased addons this plugin does not provide any major benefits from the default WP media library.
Read all 152 reviews


4.6.19 [April 16, 2024]

  • Fixed

    • Fixed shortcode security issue.

4.6.18 [January 16, 2024]

  • Fixed

    • Fixed group media issue.
    • Fix styles of search box.
    • Add compatibility with BuddyPress legacy template pack.
    • Enhance security for plugin update checker.

4.6.17 [January 2, 2024]

  • Enhancement

    • Compatible with WordPress latest version 6.4.2
    • Compatible with BuddyPress latest version 12.0.0
  • Fixed

    • Fixed PHP compatibility issue.
    • Fixed issues related to Twenty Twenty Four theme.
    • Fix BuddyPress nouveau template issue.

4.6.16 [November 16, 2023]

  • Enhancement

    • Compatible with WordPress latest version 6.4
  • Fixed

    • Fixed PHP deprecation warnings.
    • Fixed BuddyPress Versioning issue
    • Fixed Security issue.
    • Fixed Video player UI issues.

4.6.15 [September 4, 2023]

  • Fixed

    • Fixed security issue.
    • Fixed console error related to max file size.

4.6.14 [August 11, 2023]

  • Enhancement

    • Add an Emoji picker in the media comment box.
    • Add plugin deactivation survey form when the user deactivates the plugin.
    • Compatible with WordPress’s latest version 6.3
    • Compatible with PHP 8.2.8
  • Fixed

    • Fixed thumbnail height of the media.
    • Add an appropriate error message when a user tries to upload a file with an unsupported type or larger size.
    • Fixed other error messages and typos.

4.6.13 [December 12, 2022]

  • Enhancement

    • Compatible with WordPress latest version 6.1.1
    • Compatible with PHP 8.0.0
    • Refactored code base.
  • Fixed

    • Fixed save settings not working issue.
    • Fixed media tab not visible on groups page.

4.6.12 [June 16, 2022]

  • Enhancement

    • Compatible with BP-Rewrites latest version.
    • Compatible with with WordPress latest version 6.0.
  • Fixed

    • UI/UX Issues.
    • Fixed album count issue for non-admin user and group albums.
    • Fixed Video thumbnail issue.

4.6.11 [April 27, 2022]

  • Enhancement

    • UI/UX Enhancements on Forms and rtMedia settings sidebar.
  • Fixed

    • UI/UX Issues.
    • Fixed media is not visible on the group page after adding a comment.
    • Twitter button share issue from rtMedia settings sidebar.
    • Fixed Post update button not working when allow upload from activity stream setting from BuddyPress tab is disabled.
    • Fixed count issue for album.

4.6.10 [February 17, 2022]

  • Enhancement

    • Compatible with WordPress latest version v5.9.
    • Compatible with latest version of BuddyPress v10.0.0.
  • New Feature

    • Edit media option on activity stream with BuddyPress Edit Activity.
  • Fixed

    • UI/UX Fixes.
    • Fix media count not updating issue.
    • Fix fatal error related to Buddypress group if it is not enabled.

4.6.9 [December 16, 2021]

  • Enhancement

    • Added album search functionality.
    • Added capability to group admin and mod to edit/delete the album.

    • UI/UX issues.
    • Able to upload media to comment if the activity steam option is disabled.
    • Fixed pagination issue.
    • Fixed RTL issues.

4.6.8 [October 26, 2021]


    • UI/UX issues.
    • Count issues on adding/deleting media.
    • Typo in error message and multisite activity filter query.
    • Upload media from side-wide gallery.

4.6.7 [September 16, 2021]

  • Enhancement

    • Provided media attachment for all levels in activity comment reply
    • Compatible with WordPress v5.8.1

    • Removed default download button for video player
    • Blank activity generation on uploading unsupported media
    • Broken links of theme’s under rtMedia settings
    • PHP Warnings & Notices

4.6.6 [December 30, 2020]

  • Enhancement

    • Added fading effect for the media lightbox

    • UI/UX issues
    • JS errors/notices

4.6.5 [November 23, 2020]


    • Javascript errors while editing rtMedia image
    • UI/UX issues
    • Issue with attachment when creating support ticket
    • Media not appearing in Profile/Group when uploading from BuddyPress’ sitewide activity stream

4.6.4 [July 16, 2020]

  • Enhancement

    • Support for Amazon S3 presigned URLs
    • Add attachment_ids in rtmedia_after_add_media action hook

    • Console errors on media editing
    • Extension getting changed when renaming media before upload
    • Activities not in sync with other subsites in a multisite network, when each subsite has a separate BuddyPress activity feed
    • PHP Notices and Warnings
    • Comment nesting issue with media activities
    • Wrong timestamp while adding comments

4.6.3 [April 30, 2020]


    • Conflict with Yoast SEO plugin
    • Wrong Date/Time stamp for media
    • Printing JavaScript code as text when Social Sync addon is active

4.6.2 [April 22, 2020]


    • Redirecting to admin’s WallPost album
    • Preview not loading for Docs and Other files in lightbox
    • Custom css not applying when added from rtMedia settings’ custom css tab
    • Too many redirections on BuddyPress’ privacy page
    • Unable to delete media from lightbox and single media page
    • Likes on media comment not working
    • PHP errors and warning

4.6.1 [April 9, 2020]

  • Enhancement

    • Disable the terms of service checkbox when the activity is published

    • Different language characters not showing up properly on rtMedia pages
    • HTML warnings of rtMedia contents
    • Nouveau template tab count bug
    • Added server side validation for terms of service
    • Terms of service checkbox conflicting with rtMedia Sidebar Widgets addon
    • PHPCS errors and warnings

4.6.0 [February 17, 2020]

  • Enhancement

    • Show long text truncated with read more option and image displayed below the truncated text on activity

    • Error uploading media in comments with Kleo theme
    • JavaScript errors
    • Album styling when masonry style is disabled
    • The template loaded on media page when nouveau template is set
    • Compatibility issues with PHP 7.4.1
    • UI related bugs
    • Notices and Warnings

4.5.11 [December 26, 2019]

  • Enhancement

    • Add better styling for albums

    • Redirection popup on Media upload in Activity stream

4.5.10 [December 26, 2019]


    • Warnings on Support page of rtMedia Settings
    • Issue with rtMedia Update filter on BuddyPress activity wall

4.5.9 [October 29, 2019]

  • Enhancement

    • Add new class on activity page based on the uploaded media type

    • Post Update button issue with BuddyPress Nouveau template
    • Issue when user uploads the media with link in comment on buddypress activity

4.5.8 [August 6, 2019]


    • Duplicate media creation when posted from lightbox and activity creation for media comments kept off from settings
    • Upload terms and direct upload compatibility while commenting from activity
    • Overlapped media file name in BuddyPress Legacy template
    • Issue with uploader container which gets hidden after media upload on activity page
    • Fix default theme css enqueue for BuddyPress templates.
    • Minor UI bug Fixes

4.5.7 [June 12, 2019]

  • NEW

    • Add new filter to remove the media upload button from the activity Doc
    • Add new filter to change the order of the media and text on the activity page Doc

    • Duplicate media comment issue on Activity page
    • Add title attribute for Media Likes
    • Improve UI of Media Page title
    • Issue of entering text in text area when Direct Upload and Upload terms enabled together
    • UI of pagination button height and text field
    • Export/Import button issue in Firefox browser
    • Issue of direct upload and media was not opening in lightbox with TwentySeventeen theme v2.1
    • Empty space issue for generated activity when media is uploaded without adding text
    • Other Errors, Warnings and notices
    • Group Activity media are not shown in Group Media tab with BuddyPress Nouveau Template
    • User’s name autosuggestion
    • Issue with multiple file upload from activity with non admin user account

4.5.6 [February 18, 2019]


    • Threaded comment and comment count issue with BuddyPress Profile and Group Activity feed.
    • Duplicate activity feed comment issue.
    • Edited Media size reflection issue in BuddyPress activity feed.

4.5.5 [January 22, 2019]


    • Gallery Media search with space in media name.
    • Add Friend button on media tab and UI fixes.
    • Masonry UI disorder for media with thumbnail.
    • UI issues in lightbox view of single media.
    • Anchor tag issue for activity generated after adding media.
    • Media upload issue on posting public messages.
    • UI for Member name in media tab.
    • Issue with redirect attribute value in uploader shortcode.
    • Issue with posting activity updates when terms and conditions is enabled.
    • Issue with upload terms when sidebar widget is active on activity page.
    • Issue with ‘rtmedia_no_media_found_message_filter’ functionality.

4.5.4 [October 17, 2018]


    • Load More button issue with BuddyPress activity feed.
    • Non authorized pdf files on WordPress uploads directory.

4.5.3 [October 11, 2018]


    • Default album deletion issue for personal data erase request
    • Media privacy issue while editing media under moderation
    • Broken media URL with multisite Doc
    • Lightbox scroll in mobile devices
    • The issue with Load more button showing when there are no BuddyPress activities
    • Media privacy issue with BuddyPress Nouveau template
    • Compatibility of BuddyPress activity media upload section with Nouveau template
    • “Read More” link issue on BuddyPress Activity post with the Nouveau template
    • Upload terms error message visibility issue with rtMedia uploader using BuddyPress legacy template
    • “media_title” attribute issue with uploader shortcode
    • Updated correct support link on plugin’s support tab
    • Disabled Post Update button issue while adding BuddyPress Public Message post
    • An issue for the “redirect” attribute used with uploader shortcode
    • Warnings and Notices

4.5.2 [July 11, 2018]

  • NEW

    • Added JavaScript hook to handle uploader slide event Doc

    • Added translation support for “Search Media” string

    • PHP notices
    • JavaScript issue with Upload terms
    • Issue with media privacy and search caused by conditional check for Nouveau template
    • Nouveau template issue with the error message of Upload terms in BuddyPress Activity stream

4.5.1 [June 20, 2018]


    • Empty textbox validation under the terms settings
    • Minor bugs

4.5.0 [June 19, 2018]

  • NEW

    • Updated BuddyPress templates for version 3.0.0
    • Added functionality to Import/Export rtMedia admin settings Doc
    • Integrated with new personal data Erase/Export tools in WordPress 4.9.6 Doc
    • Added upload terms premium feature to rtMedia core with this version Doc
    • Added admin setting to show optional privacy notice to users Doc
    • Added filter to change background color, text color and position of privacy message strip Doc
    • Added rtMedia specific privacy information for a site’s privacy policy
    • Removed affiliate support with this version
    • Added filter to change position of group media tab Doc
    • Added filter to modify text of Media tab Doc

    • Improved performance by adding conditional check before enqueuing scripts and styles

    • PHP notice and warnings
    • Fix issue while WordPress user deletion on multi-site setup
    • Load more button issue under the Music tab

4.4.8 [May 22, 2018]


    • Fix issue with latest BuddyPress release.

4.4.7 [April 18, 2018]


    • Set auto focus for key field on the Licenses Page
    • Improved media count display for large numbers

    • Gallery swipe gesture with all the WordPress themes older than Twenty Fifteen
    • Media player height issue on single media page for video
    • Media gallery conflict with rtMedia Upload By URL
    • Conflict of empty comment check with other validation message location
    • PHP notice and warnings

4.4.6 [March 22, 2018]

  • NEW

    • Added intuitive left-right swipe gesture guide while opening gallery for the first time on mobile

    • Added filter to customize existing progress bar Doc
    • Improved edit media process with single save button

    • PHP notice and warnings
    • Visibility issue with Edit & Delete action links after first media upload
    • Added check for BuddyPress activity component while adding comment on media
    • Added check for empty comments on media
    • Added informative message while uploading media without enabling media type setting
    • BuddyPress activity media upload conflict with rtMedia Upload Terms
    • Issue with rtMedia comment count under BuddyPress activity
    • Improved license verification process of rtMedia add-ons
    • Lightbox height issue with rtMedia media comments
    • UI issue with Back button on the edit media page for theme twentyseventeen
    • Option button’s visibility issue with twentyseventeen theme
    • Console warning for FireFox browser
    • UI issue for comment media upload button
    • Minor UI issues for mobile users

4.4.5 [January 19, 2018]


    • Upgraded MediaElement library

4.4.4 [October 17, 2017]


    • Media display issue if masonry view is disabled and width is set to zero
    • Upload multiple images on mobile devices
    • Improve localization, thanks to xavivars
    • Added a check for BuddyPress Group component while using bp_before_member_header action

4.4.3 [August 3, 2017]


    • Add filter to change the “alt” attribute value for photos in media gallery Documentation

    • Unit text (MB/KB) of media size doesn’t display correctly
    • Buttons UI of edit media screen for default WordPress themes
    • BuddyPress activity upload issue with Microsoft Edge
    • Notices of “Undefined offset” and “get property of non-object”
    • UI issue of media close button on Twenty Seventeen theme
    • Pagination issue with album search
    • Upload falls over while using special characters into filename
    • Fatal Error in gallery search if BuddyPress is not installed
    • Medium image size not working correctly with zero height
    • media_title attribute was not working for gallery shortcode

4.4.2 [June 30, 2017]


    • Broken thumbnails in sidebar widget gallery and sorting gallery shortcode

4.4.1 [June 29, 2017]


    • Replaced HTML comments ‘<!– –>’ with PHP comments ‘<?php // ?>’

    • Media search issue under album
    • Gallery reload issue while uploading new media under a single album page
    • Duplicate “no media found” message under media gallery
    • Cancel media search button issue under albums tab
    • PHP notice and warnings
    • UI for caret under like button
    • Load more issue for albums tab
    • Issue editing album when pagination is enabled
    • UI issue for music player when opened in the lightbox

4.4 [June 6, 2017]

  • NEW

    • Enabled Masonry Cascading grid layout for BuddyPress Activity feed Documentation
    • Added search functionality in Media Gallery Documentation
    • Added album description input while creating an album Documentation

    • Added media description parameter in JSON API Documentation
    • Added: Filter to change the text “Are you sure you want to delete this media?” Documentation
    • Applied Post Update button style once the document is ready instead of window load

    • Audio player display issue in lightbox
    • Fixed trimming media name issue when it contains a dot in the name
    • Added missing data in debuginfo file
    • rtMedia shortcode uploader issue with IOS mobile safari browser
    • Issue while playing video on IOS safari
    • White strip-line issue in lightbox
    • Like button will display in the right sidebar of light box even when media comments are deactivated

4.3.2 [May 11, 2017]


    • Added: Filter which allows replacing the text “Like/dislike” with any icon Documentation

    • Attach media button issue in comments for IOS devices
    • Inconsistent name display in the Activity stream
    • Media attachment button issue under rtMedia comment section
    • Set as Album Cover button UI issue
    • rtMedia action button alignment issue on the single media page
    • Improvise comment media admin settings
    • JavaScript error while deleting media
    • Edit media feature when BuddyPress activity stream component is disabled
    • “What’s new” section not getting properly styled on page load Documentation

4.3.1 [Feb 23, 2017]


    • Remove media titles from media tab
    • Change text in rtMedia setting for comment media
    • Added: Filter to change user id while fetching user’s album list

    • Pagination and navigation fix in media tab
    • Warnings when uploading media in activity comment
    • Privacy for reported media in moderation

4.3 [Feb 14, 2017]


    • Comment Media – User can upload media in comment box

    • rtMedia settings to unable or disable likes for Media
    • Attachment upload in rtMedia support form
    • Added: rtMedia Version Constant
    • Added: Action to Change rtMedia query before shortcode run
    • Added: Filter to Change Media menu position in admin bar

    • Bulk delete in Media library Dashboard
    • Warnings when user click on pagination
    • rtMedia gallery shortcode pagination
    • Remove unwanted fields in rtMedia support form
    • Sorting & Options issue in Media Tab
    • Comment and Like Privacy issue
    • Comment and Like for media delete issue in Group
    • Load More issue on activity and group Tab

4.2.1 [Dec 21, 2016]


    • Security issues pointed out by James Golovich
    • Direct access of a file
    • Access rights to modify/update the rtMedia settings
    • Added validation on custom CSS before saving
    • Section fluctuation when user drags media into activity box
    • Audio / Video autoplay in Safari browser
    • JS error on media comments when activity stream is disabled from the backend
    • Media upload error when activity stream is disabled from the backend
    • Invalid license key notice appearing even when all keys are valid
    • Addon validation checks will happen every six hours (only if addons installed)
    • Changed plugin’s review link to rate on WordPress.org

4.2 [Nov 17, 2016]


    • Albums will now display media count by default
    • “@mentions” in comments added to lightbox and single media page
    • Added “Next” / “Previous” navigation links to single media page

    • rtMedia “Support” tab improvements- Directly attach a screenshot while submitting a support ticket Debug Info can now be easily downloaded as a .txt file
    • Added: “Show more comments” link in media pop-up (lightbox) and single media page
    • Added: Action to target area below media comments in lightbox or single media page
    • Added: Filter to add extra component to comments
    • Added: Filter to disallow blank text field while uploading media in Activity
    • Added: Filter to modify “Options” & “Upload” labels in Media Gallery

    • After uploading media, the Upload panel will now collapse
    • Incorrect pagination text display in Media tab
    • “posted an update” string not getting translated in Activity feed for posts with attached media. Added translation support for all “rtmedia_update” Activity type
    • Duplicate activity generation when “Post Update” is clicked multiple times
    • Singular/plural form of “n people liked this” string
    • BuddyPress Group Media tab not displaying in Beta version 2.7.2
    • Media description not saving properly when uploading multiple media
    • Link to comment in WordPress backend not leading back to comment
    • Video popup UI for vertical videos
    • CSS-related responsive video layout issue
    • Fixed broken “Import media sizes” anchor link in admin notice
    • Fixed “Activate License” event bug in License tab
    • Lightbox privacy symbol alignment issue

4.1.8 [Oct 05, 2016]

  • Fix fatal error for older PHP version

4.1.7 [Oct 05, 2016]

  • Change the UI of addons license tab
  • Update the notice messages
  • Check for the valid URL structure for compatibility with multisite
  • Change string UNSET to REMOVE to improve the translation
  • Fix UI/media broken on activity page
  • Fix the scroll bar on the media pop screen
  • Fix save settings button of manage media in group

4.1.6 [Sep 26, 2016]

  • Fix broken UI when image information is edited/updated
  • Fix issue related to media sorting
  • Divide rt-template-functions.php into four files (core functions, actions & filters)
  • Fix playlist settings not getting saved in groups
  • Add filters to alter the image/video URLS in activity
  • Fix bootstrap css selector conflict

4.1.5 [Sep 15, 2016]

  • Fix issue where multiple gallery shortcode not working together
  • Add filter to change ‘under’ album text
  • Fix issue where media query not reset properly

4.1.4 [Sep 13, 2016]

  • Fix audio player height issue
  • Fix video player fullscreen issue
  • Fix the attachment URL when rtAmazon S3 is disabled

4.1.3 [Aug 30, 2016]

  • Fix audio/video time duration on media thumbnail

4.1.2 [Aug 25, 2016]

  • Update the original audio URL with transcoded audio URL in activity

4.1.1 [Aug 24, 2016]

  • Add backward compatibility

4.1 [Aug 24, 2016]

  • Remove encoding service
  • Introduced new Transcoder plugin
  • Add span tag to remove duplicity of activity content on thumbnail update
  • Fix notice undefined index

4.0.7 [Aug 17, 2016]

  • Fix Media upload using json api
  • Fix media upload not working on Windows Servers
  • Fix view counter not working
  • Update read more media description with scroll

4.0.6 [Aug 01, 2016]

  • Fix read more media description in media popup
  • Fix warning for pagination links
  • Update products page link on Admin Dashboard widget

4.0.5 [Jul 25, 2016]

  • Fix bulk edit not working on delete and move
  • Fix issue more and less click on media description
  • Fix html markup in support tab
  • Make pagination work on opening page-link in new tab
  • Fix hide rtMedia template files notice after click on dismiss
  • Fix for profile pic not changing on uploading photo

4.0.4 [Jul 08, 2016]

  • Backward compability for PHP 5.2

4.0.3 [Jul 05, 2016]

  • Fix filter_input warning for media in group creation
  • Fix warning for video encoding
  • Fix delete activity for like and comment after media delete
  • Fix media uploading issue from activity for multisite

4.0.2 [Jun 27, 2016]

  • Fixed privacy issue in activity for BuddyPress 2.6.0
  • Fixed single activity permalink issue

4.0.1 [Jun 23, 2016]

  • Fixed issue of wpdb prepare statement missing argument
  • Fixed time conversion issue in lightbox
  • Fixed context & context_id for profile media upload
  • Fixed lightbox loading whole site
  • Fixed Keep current tab active when traversing different media type tabs
  • Removed the_content filter and used wpautop function for media description

4.0 [Jun 21, 2016]

  • Removed esc_html causing stripping of html tags in rtMedia featured for WordPress VIP compatibility
  • Fixed BuddyPress nav items in group issue for BuddyPress 2.6 with backward compatibility
  • Fixed check of class_exist for group extension for BuddyPress 2.6 compatibility

3.10.9 [Jun 20, 2016]

  • WordPress VIP compatibility added

3.10.8 [Jun 14, 2016]

  • Fixed database error when deleting comment
  • Changed price for add-ons

3.10.7 [May 25, 2016]

  • Fixed JS issue for tabs in media edit
  • Fixed CSS for twentysixteen theme
  • Code cleanup
  • Updated german language file

3.10.6 [May 03, 2016]

  • Fixed – BuddyPress group privacy now depends on group status (public, private, hidden)
  • Fixed – JS issue for WordPress 4.5
  • Fixed – 404 Error for titles on bbPress templates
  • Fixed – Required changes done for rtmedia.io

3.10.5 [Mar 24, 2016]

  • Code Cleanup

3.10.4 [Mar 15, 2016]

  • Fixed browser title if theme has title-tag support
  • Fixed the video & audio player issue for activity load more
  • Fixed minor bugs

3.10.3 [Jan 28, 2016]

  • Fix issues

3.10.2 [Jan 28, 2016]

  • Fix XSS vulnerability (thanks to Brajesh)
  • Updated Freemius SDK

3.10.1 [Dec 30, 2015]

  • Set media description before upload feature
  • Update privacy of all attached media on update of activity privacy
  • Update BuddyPress activity query filter for activity privacy

3.10 [Dec 22, 2015]

  • Added update BuddyPress activity privacy feature
  • Added BuddyPress activity for media likes and comments feature

3.9.5 [Dec 11, 2015]

  • Added new filters
  • Update chinese translations
  • Fix rtMedia add-on broken images

3.9.4 [Dec 07, 2015]

  • Fixed media slug issue while deleting media
  • Added new hook in album gallery template

3.9.3 [Nov 19, 2015]

  • Update rtMedia main template
  • Fix undefined function call error

3.9.2 [Nov 15, 2015]

  • Update rtMedia main template
  • Fix undefined JS error

3.9.1 [Nov 05, 2015]

  • Fix encoding service key save issue
  • Added thrive theme under rtMedia 3rd party themes
  • Audio/video player CSS issue fix
  • Fix translation text domain
  • Update chinese translations

3.9 [Oct 27, 2015]

  • BP Notification feature for media likes and comments
  • Upload media from BP activity without activity update text
  • Privacy issue fix
  • Update korean and chinese language files
  • Other bug fixes

3.8.21 [Oct 06, 2015]

  • Rename plugin text domain from ‘rtmedia’ to ‘buddypress-media’

3.8.20 [Sep 29, 2015]

  • Fix getid3 related issue
  • Other bug fixes

3.8.19 [Sep 21, 2015]

  • Fix getid3 related issue
  • Added new theme: Foodmania
  • New wrapper functions to upload media

3.8.18 [Sep 17, 2015]

  • Filter for media action text
  • Updated getid3 lib to latest version

3.8.17 [Sep 15, 2015]

  • Fix upload dir filter
  • Fix video max height in lightbox
  • Fix shortcode issue with album uploader

3.8.16 [Aug 31, 2015]

  • Update Persian translation and add Finnish translations
  • Add rtMedia SEO add-on
  • Fix encoding service for music files
  • Fix music file thumbnails

3.8.15 [Aug 18, 2015]

  • CSS fixes
  • Added new filters and actions

3.8.14 [Aug 11, 2015]

  • Enhanced delete media action in media gallery
  • CSS fixes
  • Other bug fixes

3.8.13 [Aug 05, 2015]

  • Update links
  • Added support for “og” meta tags for Yoast SEO plugin
  • Update French, Spanish, Persian and German translations

3.8.12 [Jul 29, 2015]

  • Updated media gallery actions for BuddyPress groups
  • Updated action messages for single media
  • Updated view count process
  • Added SCRIPT_DEBUG support
  • Fixed bugs in admin settings
  • Bug fixes

3.8.11 [Jul 22, 2015]

  • Update album edit template
  • Fix BuddyPress activity content on media edit
  • Autoplay video in lightbox

3.8.10 [Jul 16, 2015]

  • Fix BuddyPress comment filter issue
  • Fix plupload max_file_size parameters

3.8.9 [Jul 09, 2015]

  • Fix CSS conflict with BuddyPress change profile picture

3.8.8 [Jul 07, 2015]

  • Fix media comment ordering
  • Fix login popup
  • Lightbox changes for mobile devices
  • Added privacy option in uploader shortcode
  • Update Dutch and Danish translations

3.8.7 [Jun 30, 2015]

  • Update language files
  • Fix CSS conflict with BuddyPress Cover plugin in rtMedia admin settings
  • Update CSS
  • Added new filters
  • Bug fixes

3.8.6 [Jun 16, 2015]

  • Fix activity music player width issue
  • Fix view link in WordPress Media Library
  • Fix pagination on pressing enter key
  • Fix language file names for Korean(ko_KR), Serbian(sr_RS) and Tamil(ta_IN)
  • Fix browser title
  • Added Privacy link in BuddyPress Settings profile menu
  • CSS bug fixes

3.8.5 [Jun 08, 2015]

  • Fix upload URL in activity

3.8.4 [Jun 03, 2015]

  • Fix syntax error on Support Page

3.8.3 [Jun 03, 2015]

  • Fix encoding service issue

3.8.2 [Jun 03, 2015]

  • Updated Spanish, Korean, Portuguese and Danish translations
  • Added Login popup for non logged in user on upload button
  • Added quick edit/delete links on media gallery thumbs
  • Updated premium add-ons content for rtMedia
  • Bug fixes

3.8.1 [May 18, 2015]

  • Fix license page
  • Fix direct media upload in activity
  • Fix BuddyPress group table error on rtMedia update

3.8 [May 18, 2015]

  • Removed ZURB Foundation
  • Removed FontAwesome fonts and instead used WordPress Dashicons
  • Template updates
  • Admin settings UI changes
  • Media gallery UI changes
  • Direct media upload on file selection
  • Bug fixes


  • Fix create group album issue


  • Update tested upto information


  • Added rtmedia_get_media_description function
  • js fix for uploader tabs
  • Update support link and github link
  • Fix multisite global album does not exist issue


  • Fix album edit issue



  • Fix possible XSS vulnerability
  • Update label for create album


  • Update Danish translations and add Bulgarian translations
  • Enable/disable encoding service
  • Fix translation issue and update strings
  • Fix default privacy issue
  • Fix rtMedia lightbox get disabled after BuddyPress activity load more
  • Template update


  • Fix media meta table name in $wpdb
  • Bug fixes


  • Fix Media Url upload issue
  • Fix delete attachment issue while reassigning user
  • Add Social Sync in add-on list


  • Fix JSON API parameters bug.


  • Added tabs support in rtMedia uploader
  • Fix activity upgrade
  • Add klein theme in 3rd party theme list
  • Fix uplaoder param in gallery shortcode database error
  • Other bug fixes


  • Fix media move in album edit
  • JPEG image quality option
  • Use WordPress’ *_metadata …