BridgeDD is a WordPress↔phpBB bridge that…works.

You can log in and out from WordPress or phpBB 3.0 as you always do, and you will be automatically logged in/out of both applications. New members in one application become members in the other application just by browsing to that application. There is no need to worry about “integrating” existing members into both applications — BridgeDD handles it automatically.

And best of all, the bridging is done using a breakthrough technology that eliminates the bloat, sluggishness, and bugs of other WordPress-based bridge plugins and phpBB-based bridge MODs.

You can obtain support by visiting the BridgeDD support board

Those who become a BridgeDD Subscriber will gain access to a private forum where you can download BridgeDD PRO, the bridge everyone has been waiting for! You will be able to add your WordPress menus and widgets directly into your phpBB templates without loading WordPress, giving you the ability to create an integrated site that looks great and…works.

BridgeDD combines two very different applications and has special requirements. Please read the installation instructions before downloading BridgeDD.

Cross-posting requires the Classic Editor plugin with WordPress 5.0+.
BridgeDD widgets require the Classic Widgets plugin with WordPress 5.8+.

The READ ME FIRST guide contains important information about compatibility of various plugins/MODs/etc with BridgeDD.

BridgeDD does not support phpBB 3.1, 3.2, or 3.3.

BridgeDD PRO supports phpBB 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3,
and it is fully compatible with the Gutenberg/Block editor.


If you have translated this plugin into your language, feel free to post the PO file on the BridgeDD support board.

The following translations were done by FextraLife: Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Italian

The following translations were done by Maxim Tkachenko: Russian, Ukranian

The following translation was done by Juliana Cristine: Brazilian Portuguese

The following translation was done by mohamedh: Arabic

The following translation was done by ljorg: Danish

The following translation was done by Leo Dai Chinese (Simplified)


Read the READ ME FIRST guide before installing BridgeDD!

BridgeDD requires WordPress 3.9 or later (Multisite not supported), phpBB 3.0.9 – 3.0.14, PHP 5.3.0 or later, and the mysqli (Improved MySQL) PHP extension. This extension is bundled into PHP by default, and unless you have disabled it manually, it will be available.

BridgeDD modifies phpBB files, and you should take the same precautions before installing BridgeDD as you do before installing a phpBB MOD through AutoMOD.

BridgeDD will create a new directory on your system called bridgedd, and it will be at the same directory level as the WordPress wp-content directory. This directory will contain files that allow BridgeDD to upgrade you to new versions without the hassles you would encounter when upgrading other bridge plugins.


  1. Download and activate the BridgeDD Requirements plugin. If you see an error message on the plugins page, do not install BridgeDD!
  2. If a bridge plugin such as WP-United or wp-phpbb-bridge is activated, follow its instructions to disable it in phpBB and WordPress
  3. Log in as administrator to your phpBB board
  4. Upload the BridgeDD plugzin ZIP file via the Install Plugins interface, and activate it
  5. Select your phpBB installation in BridgeDD Settings, and verify that the phpBB displayed URL and board preview are correct
  6. Also verify that you are logged in to the phpBB board. Then click Save Changes
  7. Set the BridgeDD settings options as required, then click Save Changes again


BridgeDD doesn’t work.

Make sure to download and activate the BridgeDD Requirements plugin.

I selected my phpBB installation, but the URL and preview for my board are wrong.

This means that the phpBB settings for your board’s URL are incorrect. Since you are already logged in with your admin/founder account, go to the phpBB ACP. Click the Server Settings link near the bottom of the left sidebar, and in the Server URL Settings block, enter the correct Domain name and Script path for your board and click Submit. Now refresh the BridgeDD Settings page in WordPress, and you should see the correct URL and preview for your phpBB board.

I selected my phpBB installation, things seem to be OK, but BridgeDD doesn’t integrate logins and logouts.

The WordPress and phpBB installations must be in the same base domain, and WordPress must be able to save a cookie that phpBB can read. BridgeDD will not work if, for example, WordPress is installed at and phpBB is installed at

Got more questions?

Ask them at the BridgeDD support board.


December 8, 2018
I use bridgedd pro for phpbb 3.2 since 6 months now and this plugin works perfectly. The plugin does all i need (crossposting, recent topics widget, unified account...) The author Dion also does an excellent support of his plugin, he always gives advise or finds solution. 5 stars.
September 20, 2018
I had some issues with installing the new version of the plugin due to upgrades to phpbb. Dion helped me in a great way so now the site running smooth again. I'm using this plugin now for some years and it is the best for this function available.
June 6, 2018
Dion has created a product worthy of the WP Hall of Fame! I don't usually rave about software unless it is 100% awesome, but BridgeDD Pro is that and more. This bridge allows my wordpress site and phpbb forums to be flawlessly integrated in ways I had not even thought up! The support from Dion itself is second to none, and I have already renewed my subscription to his support forum months in advance, so I can readily get the updates as they roll out. This plugin has ALREADY been updated for Wordpress 5.0's implementation of Gutenberg, and integrates my Wordpress menu across all of my forums pages with no problem at all. Please give it a try!
December 4, 2017
Documentation is largely unclear on a great many things and is poorly done. "BridgeDD is not compatible with the XCache extension. Please use Zend OPcache instead." No instructions anywhere for why this is an issue or how to resolve it as host requires this PHP cache extension for security purposes. I am not going to give a wordpress mod direct access to the root file system on a server. My host has flagged this mod as a major security hazard and request that I do not use it.
Read all 21 reviews

Contributors & Developers

“BridgeDD” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


Translate “BridgeDD” into your language.

Interested in development?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.



  • Significantly improved compatibility with Windows systems — both IIS servers and localhost WAMP/XAMPP
  • Major improvements to BridgeDD widgets
  • Support default permalink structure in new WP4.7 installs
  • Bug fix: phpBB boards with no public forums caused fatal errors in Recent Board Topics widget
  • Chinese translation – by Leo Dai


  • Complete rewrite of installation and user integration code to resolve numerous longstanding issues
  • WordPress requirement now 3.9
  • Less memory usage in phpBB during logins, logouts, and registrations
  • Internal hook system added to allow plugins/themes to access BridgeDD features
  • Bug fix: Topic titles of cross-posts were not updated when article title was changed
  • Bug fix: logging out from WordPress sometimes required a confirmation


  • Bug fix: logins to WordPress by non-integrated users caused blank screens


  • Improved compatibility with WordPress plugins (eg, NextGEN Gallery)
  • Several action hooks added to give WordPress plugins access to phpBB
  • Bug fix: phpBB Login/Logout widget did not redirect back to WordPress after login
  • Danish translation – by ljorg


  • Bug fix: adding a new user to phpBB caused blank screens


  • Recent Board Topics widget supports i18n for last post times
  • New hooks added to allow other plugins to access phpBB features
  • Bug fix: several potential variable conflicts could result in blank pages
  • Bug fix: blank page when no add-ons selected


  • Bug fix: system tab in phpBB stops working when BridgeDD is installed
  • Bug fix: user integration data not properly added during wordpress logins


  • Minor improvements to cross-post add-on
  • Improved compatibility with several phpBB MODs


  • Bug fix: Access to remote WordPress database results in fatal phpBB error
  • New widget: phpBB Login/Logout
  • View the Discussion link restored in cross-posted articles


  • Bug fix: Conflict when registration is set to WordPress
  • Bug fix: Incorrect button and select/dropdown alignment on RTL languages
  • Arabic translation – by mohamedh


  • New configuration options available through bridgedd_config.php file


  • Bug fix: user profiles not updating properly in WordPress


  • Cross-post addon included with BridgeDD
  • Rewritten settings interface – addons have their own settings panel
  • BridgeDD can be completely uninstalled – the first bridge to offer this capability
  • Improved compatibility with Windows IIS servers and WAMP localhost installs
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation – by Juliana Cristine
  • More than 80 bug fixes and code optimizations


  • Improvements to update procedure
  • Bug fix: incorrect sync of banned/deactivated users


  • Logins through the login/logout widget will now always redirect to the site home page
  • Bug fix: fix PHP error in admin login


  • Minor display enhancements in WordPress admin area
  • Bug fix: logins not possible in phpBB if username contained characters invalid in WordPress usernames


  • New download and update procedures
  • Added support for APC and OPcache PHP cache extensions
  • Fixed bug in login/logout process in phpBB


  • BridgeDD now requires PHP 5.3.0 or later
  • Completely rewritten update process
  • Includes the Login/Logout widget from BridgeDD Premium
  • Passwords can now be changed in phpBB, and the new password will be migrated to WordPress
  • All supported translations are now complete (no missing translation strings)
  • Eliminated all modifications to WordPress core code
  • Reduced memory usage
  • Bug fix: Selecting a new phpBB installation without first deactivating BridgeDD would break BridgeDD


  • Fixed issues with GoDaddy (and other) hosting that define selected $_SERVER globals incorrectly
  • New update process
  • Several bug fixes with translation text


  • Added support for phpBBex and Advanced Block phpBB MOD
  • Added support for GoDaddy (and other) hosting that define selected $_SERVER globals incorrectly
  • Tapatalk is officially unsupported
  • Bug fix: Recent Board Topics widget could be selected when BridgeDD was activated but not configured
  • Bug fix: PHP error message displayed when admin bar is active and user is on home page
  • Much more detailed FAQ
  • Minor bug fixes and display enhancements


  • Completely rewritten session integration, resulting in less memory usage and greater compatibility with WordPress plugins and phpBB MODS
  • Greatly improved method to select a phpBB installation
  • Includes the Recent Board Topics widget from BridgeDD Premium
  • Cleaned-up user interface
  • Russian and Ukranian translations – by Maxim Tkachenko
  • Numerous small bug fixes


First publicly-available version.